Thursday, April 26

Adoption Update: Fingerprint Security Drama

Well Jon and I just returned from another milestone in this adoption process of ours. Today we went to the office of Immigration in Tukwilla (technically Seattle) for our fingerprinting appointments. This will enable us to be issued a visa for our child. We are happy to announce that all when well, despite our little security drama. After sucessfully going through the metal detector and wand scan, I was called to by the nice lady who looks at the x-ray machines...I naturally assumed that she was going to praise me for my sense of style and my fantastic zebra print purse. That was not the case, instead she glared and said "Mama, do you have a butter knife in your purse?" I looked in my purse and as a matter of fact, yes i did! Why? you might ask, well duh, i had snack at mops two weeks ago. I am just glad that the residual cream cheese that was left on it had not yet begun to grow anything. This little incident only put more fuel on Jon's argument that I have to much crap in my "bags". I then had to leave all of my items with jon inside the building, run down a long hill to my car, place my butter knife in the car and run all the way back. Good Fun! After the "security drama" we sat with others (lots of others) and our prints done and were on our way. Yippee! Another item checked off the list a mere 900 more items to go :)