Saturday, March 28

You took your children where?

Jon and I work hard to instill cultural and life experiences into our boys. We don't want to find ourselves 10 years from now having settled for only ordinary days at home. We want to make sure that we take every opportunity to expose our boys to different activities, hobbies and ways of living...thus...our activity today. (well not really. I could claim noble motherly reasons but was cheap entertainment on a rainy Saturday so we went )

Today we were spectators at the Seattle Lunacy Robotics Tournament. Yes, I said robots. High school robotic teams (who knew the had them) from all over the west coast and Florida (random) built huge ball grabbing, ball throwing robots and then played a robot version of dodge ball with them to win the opportunity to go to nationals. After reading about it in the paper and thinking about how much Jack loves machines, robots, making things that do work for him...and the fact that our family could use a little family day we hopped in the car, got some lunch, and went to the key arena for robot fun. Jon and I had no idea what to expect. It was a huge deal. Tons of students, parents and onlookers filled the arena, the robots were super cool, and we got to sit nice and close so the kids could see. During breaks there were Robot team mascots who would dance on the "field" to great dance music. I truly was taken aback by how much fun I had. Oh these boys of mine, continue to propel me into areas of life that I didn't even know i am just dreading when Jack will appear at the side of my bed at the crack of dawn demanding that we make our own robot! * Excuse the camera phone pictures, we had no idea that it would be photo op worthy.*

Thursday, March 26

Look: Max Smiled

So it has been the running joke in our house that Max never least not on camera. Since the day we met him he would be all giggles and laughs, but as soon as he saw the camera he would sport his best serious look. He has progressed a little and has for a while been biting his lip or having happy eyes...but this weekend, upon seeing the camera he busted out and held a full on meant to do it smile. Since then he has been pointing at the camera and smiling. How freakin' cute is that.

Wednesday, March 25

It's a NEW day

Why settle for Wednesday being the same old thing. Not today. It is a day full of all things new. Let's start with Jack.

Jack is sporting a NEW DO thanks to auntie heather. My nephews have vary short hair, and Jack's hair has been out of control for sometime so yesterday Jack asked if auntie heather could cut his hair to match his cousins. She agreed and today Jack walked into preschool so proud of his great,short, NEW do. Thanks Heather!

Max and I tried a NEW ACTIVITY this morning. With great fear and trepidation I took him to story time at the library. The idea of quiet, still, and sitting are so counter to Max and his precious self. But alas he did a great job. Quiet: Yes he was. Still: Not a chance. But he loved the songs, semi-participated....and so we will head back next week. He was certainly tuckered out from all his running around and attempting to keep himself quiet.

This afternoon the boys and I hit the road for a mini roadtrip to olympia and the department of health and records. Why you ask? for a NEW BIRTH CERTIFICATE for Max. His new bc arrived in the mail on Monday only for us to notice that the date is one day off. Now as much as Max would love to have reason in the future to demand a two day birthday celebration...I just cannot handle the idea of Jack learning that he does not have two birthday. So for the sake of down the road brotherly strife we are headed down with a stack of paperwork/passports/immigration visas and the such to change one little number from a 6 to a 5. Yeah paperwork, yeah government.

And finally there is Jon. No there is not a new job (pheew) but just huge props and much love for the fact that he was up till the wee hours of the night making my NEW COMPUTER, NEW AGAIN. Recently my lovely orange laptop had been occasionally showing the blue screen of death. That is just plain unacceptable- seeing as it is only two months old. So the love of my life went to work shorty after 9pm to restore unto me the joy of my computer...i think i recall him climbing into bed somewhere around 1:30am. Thanks Jon. You ROCK!

Tuesday, March 17

It's Facebook's Fault

It seems that I have been yet again delinquent with posting updates. I could not place my finger on as to why and then tonight it hit me: Facebook. Against my better judgement this mama has been sucked into the world of friends, factoids, status updates and such. There is a little feature that says " Megan is..." and then you fill in the blank. That is where my blogging has gone. Instead of blogging at the end of my day, I am giving status updates through out the day. Shame on me for not saving my snide comments, mommy musings and random thoughts for the faithful few who follow this blog and depend on the life snippets for their daily dose of laughter. So my apologies..I will work on less facebook and more blogging. But in fair discloser and in an attempt to bring everyone up to speed here is a collection of my status updates during the last week. They reveal alot about the current vibe of the Lyons family.

Megan Lyons is watching the A-team. awesome fashions, awesome fun.

Megan Lyons loves risotto and garlic bread...mmmm

Megan Lyons realizes that she would be rich if she had
a dollar for every time she finds Max about to destroy something.

Megan Lyons wonders why is it so hard for 5 year old
boy to find something constructive to do.

Megan Lyons wonders when she became the offical lego piece finder.

Megan Lyons is counting down the days, hours
and minutes to the next :20 Funny Cd drop......what fun.

Megan Lyons is all about laundry...oh and a little facebook :)

Megan Lyons cannot get coffee into her body fast enough.

Megan Lyons is getting her butt kicked with Rob Bell's new book.

Megan Lyons thinks: my husband rocks.

Megan Lyons is trying to keep order admist the chaos. ahh kids

Megan Lyons is so glad she could track down that
gnarly smell. mission accomplished.

Megan Lyons hopes the husband is on board for a little
in house date night. red robin to go. yum

Megan Lyons is getting her mess on with Jack. yeah craft fun..

Megan Lyons is excited to get together with "the Ladies" for Bible study today.

Friday, March 13

PJs and Pancakes

While the post is a little over due we are still talking about the fun. Last Thursday my friend Shannon coordinated a little early morning gathering for some moms. Since all of us are up so freaking early each day, why not get together in PJS for some Pancakes. It was great fun. We all wore our jammies, Shannon made tasty pancakes, kids played and moms chatted. Thanks Shannon - what fun.

Saturday, March 7


I have been harassed by several individuals including my loving spouse that I have been delinquent in my blogging as of late. What can I say. I am doing my best to keep children safe and out of urgent care, myself semi-sane and my house some semblance of orderly. So in no particular order....or strung together in a witty way here are this last weeks happenings:*there are a little heavy on the jack front because, well, max just cannot be captured...he his a blurrrr.

A New Pet

Jack has been asking ever since I flushed the first one, when he could get a new fish. This week there was no reason to say no, and so Tuesday "Tom Riley" joined our humble abode. Jack gets to keep Tom in his room on a high bookshelf and is responsible for the feeding. I agreed to clean out his bowl. Jack has enjoyed having a pet, but this morning shared with us his great disappointment that he cannot really get in the water and play with Tom. Thus...the begging for a dog has begun again.

Domestic Dude

I don't know what has brought it about but Jack has begun to be interested in doing some of the domestic duties of the house. This week Jack: washed the front windows, mopped the floor and his favorite ironed his pants and dad's shirt. I am okay with this new trend in domestic intrests. It may lay a nice foundation for his future wife...and it may allow me to get back to the things I love most: bon bons and scandelous afternoon telenovellas.

Our New Found Fame

Each quarter we recieve our adoption agency magazine. It is filled with great articles, photos of children waiting for homes and a page or two with family photo of arrivals. During the long process I would pour over those arrival pictures..longing for our family to be amongst them. This week..our photos was there. At the bottom of the first page was a great photo of our boys the week we brought Max home. Jack was beside himself excited that we were in a "real life magazine". He even took it to school to show his teacher.Ahhhh. It was sweet.