Monday, September 29

Look who is FIVE today

What?!? Where did my pudgy blonde baby go? And where the heck is this superhero fanatic, StarWars loving, tree climbing, wild and crazy KID come from? This morning a FIVE YEAR OLD JACK awoke to decorations, a few gifts and pancakes shaped like "J"s. *Did you know that when you are 5 you are too cool to sleep in a shirt* Saturday will bring the much anticipated superhero bash (stay tuned for pics of Jon dressed as Batman)

What a gift Jack has been to Jon and I. He is creative, loving, smart, articulate, funny, curious, crazy and so much more. He is such a joy and brings much life to the party that is our family. We love you Jack, thanks for who you are and all that you bring to our family.

Wednesday, September 24

We have a SUPERHERO situation

I am sure that on previous posts I have shared how I loathe character make things worse we now have full on superhero costumes...not for one boy, but for BOTH. Now I know what you are thinking. Yes, I am the mom, I control what comes in and comes out...but this opportunity for brother bonding could not be passed by. Jack was set on being Spiderman for Halloween and for his superhero birthday party. Then he had the great idea that Max should be Superman. We found this little costume and since then Max and Jack have had many afternoons of fun since. Come 4pm each day, the outfits are on and there is all kinds of shenanigans. We even taught Max to lift his arms above his head when we say up, up and away.
** For those of you who so lovingly ask about max, yes he does in fact smile. A LOT. Just not when he sees a camera. Go figure.

Monday, September 22

Look who is a VIP

Leave it the "always loves to be a star" Jack to be selected as the first Very Important Person for his preschool class. This weekend we spent all our free time working on his poster. Each child has to answer questions about himself, his likes, and his favorite things. We had a great time coloring his poster. When he left for school he was very excited to share his poster with his class. Come Wednesday he gets to bring 3, yes 3, show and tell items and Friday means that Jack gets to bring his favorite snack to share. You can bet that we are already deep in discussion as to what that will be. Right now he is torn between three choices: nachos with mom's guacamole, cupcakes, or brownies. We will keep you posted.

Monday, September 15

You want me to do WHAT?

It appears that Max and I will be taking our Mother/Son bonding to a whole new level.

Max had his one month post placement visit today with the fantastic people at The Center for Adoption Medicine at the University of Washington. During our whole process they provided us with medical help/advice/etc. regarding Max. Now we begin a series of appointments where they just document his progress and adjustment and provide us with support should we need it. Our appointment today was great. Our doctor is fantastic. He greeted us warmly and was genuinely excited for us that Max was finally home. He examined Max and confirmed what we had suspected...we got spoiled. He is in great health. On track developmentally, physically and socially. After all the good news , the doctor then dropped the bomb...."just to be safe, let's collect stool samples and run some tests to confirm that there are no parasites or infections that we don't know about" ...WHAT!?! Yes my friends that is right. For the next week, after every diaper you can find me scraping, dumping, shaking and placing little viles, then in bags, then on my counter. UGGGHHH! This is taking the mother/son relationship to a whole new level. Don't worry I will keep you posted, all the great details of this new mommy adventure- hee hee.

Monday, September 8

First Day of School

Today Jack kicked off his academic year. This year we are excited to have him attending a local church based preschool. The emphasis is very much on Kindergarden prep. He knows a couple of other boys in his class from church and MOPS and he already speaks positivly about his teacher. We are looking forward to a great year.

With his friends Jonathan and Luke

Weekend Update

Our family is busy having fun and living life. Therefore when it comes to blog posts Weekend updates are the best this mama can do.

Friday - Our weekend started off with Jack getting to meet his new preschool teacher Mrs. Lisa. She is so great. I have a feeling that Jack is going to love her. She is all about preparing Jack for Kindergarten. He is so excited to start school.

Saturday- We were so thrilled to have our good friends the Springs come to town to meet Max and to hang with us for the day. It was great to see the kids have fun together and to catch up with my friend Jen. Thanks Jen, Brad and Shayne for making the trek north.

Sunday- We took took a little family outing to Lake Wilderness. There Jack enjoyed the sunshine, sand and lake while Max practiced his newest trick: walking. Yup that is right we have ourselves a walker. My wrangling job just got a little harder.

Thursday, September 4

When there is silence.....

I tend to worry. Worry and wonder. What could the boys be up to? Tonight shortly before dinner an eerie hush had fallen over the playroom. I slowly rounded the corner, I did not want to interrupt gently, loving brotherly interactions...however I knew that silence couldn't be all good. When I made it into the playroom I found Max sitting quietly as his brother covered his face with tiny stickers. Seeing that no one was in immediate danger I ran up stairs to grab the camera. Jack was placing one sticker on Max, then one on on and so forth. Max was loving it. Ah, this is only a foretaste of what is to come.