Monday, February 23

Classic Jack

Jack continually keeps our family laughing with his words and antics. Today has been packed with Classic Jack and warranted a post. (That and the fact that MaryBeth won't stop hounding me :)).

#1 Today Jack came home from school with two pieces of art work. One a very colorful planet, the other a crazy looking snowman. When I inquired about the snowman Jack pointed out the goofy hat and then said:"And mom, did you see the goofiest part?. Did you see he is wearing underwear?" Sure enough, the snowman had some lovely tighty whiteties drawn on him in lovely red crayon. "Jack, why did you draw the underwear on him?" "Well, mom, I could figure out how to draw a really good penis". Oh dear. I fear that calls from teachers and principals may be in my future.

#2 Jack and Max were playing legos "together" (which actually just means they were in the same room and happen to have the same item in their hands). I could tell that Max was pestering Jack, as he has gotten so good at doing. Before I could intervien. I heard Jack say to Max " Max, today I am having a hard time finding you delightful".

#3 This afternoon after cleaning his room I found Jack lying on his bed. I asked if he wanted to come downstairs to read, or play a game. To which he responded. " No thanks, I just need a little time. ( a long pause) I asked if he was okay. " Of course mom, I just need to think about my life a little bit."

Oh this boy. He keeps me laughing.

Wednesday, February 18

Bye-Bye Bowl Cut

So it was finally time to amp it up when it comes to Max and a hair cut. I was a little attached to his long locks. I loved his little bowl-cut. More than that, I was at a loss as to how to cut/style his hair. His hair is so fine and so staight that I could not visualize what shorter style we would do. After much stalking of Latino children in our town and with the help of couragous, hair cutting friend we took the leap. Today, I took Max over to Gretchen's house. We left the bangs long, the sides and the back trimmed significantly. (does that make it a reverse mullet- i hope not) The kiddo did great and Gretchen did a fantastic job.Thanks Gretchen! He looks like such a kid.

Monday, February 16

The things people say.

Occasionally our family, our shall I say myself when I am with Max, will get some uneducated comments. 99% off the population seems to understand the idea of adoption and openly embrace it (or at least don't speak if they don't). Every now and then though someone who really doesn't have their thinking cap all the way screwed on will speak. At the urging of other adoptive parents and my own nature I always find their comments hysterical. Here was today's:

Max and I were shopping at Ross looking for a birthday gift.
In the toy section I was continually telling Max no, as the kid climbs and touches everything, and he had gotten a little fed up with me. He then turns to stomp away and as he does he trips and falls. He picks himself up and cries. I walk towards him, but he continues to walk away crying. I say to him as I am looking around the store (for more gift options) "it's okay honey, it's okay sweety" Then a woman new on the scene says to me when she notices Max crying " Oh, did he loose his mommy" as she proceeds to look around, I am assuming for a not so white lady. I quietly say to her. "No, I am his mommy. He is just a little mad. He will be fine." Her face then shone the typical blend of embarrassment and surprise. I picked up Max and we continued to shop. Ahh, other peoples comments. Always good for a laugh.

Saturday, February 14

Thursday, February 12

Kiddo Update

It has been a while since I have done a kiddo update, and since for no reason at all I am feeling a little lovey dovey and nostalgic this week I thought today should be the day. So here is the latest on the lyons boys:

Jack {5.5 years old}
drawing, making books, space, starwars, legos,running football plays with dad, looking at waldo books and couch jumping with Max.
Longs for:
Warm weather, swimming, another trip to California, family camp, and to be taller.
Would rather not: clean up, wear socks, wear hooded clothing or ride in elevators.
Three words to describe him:
Funny, Smart, Creative

Jack continues to bring joy and laughter to Jon and myself.He is the perfect little blend of Jon and myself and that is a little scary. He has great questions. It is so fun to hear him randomly interject into conversations little facts that he recalls from school. He really seems to have found his brotherly niche when it comes to Max. They have a great time playing together.

Max { 20 months }
running, lining up trains, coloring, dancing to music, kicking and throwing balls, reading books and climbing.
Recent Developments:
attempting more and more words, can pull himself up onto anything (including counters),more clearly communicates with signs and grunts his wants and desires, body flopping tantrums and funny faces.
Would rather not:
have dirty hands, be inside, be exiled from Jacks room or hear the word no.
Three words to describe him:
Loving, Busy, Curious

Max certainly keeps us busy, but he keeps us laughing too. He loves to be in the middle of it all. He adores Jack and is working hard at being funny like Jack is. He is such a sweet boy and while he currently lacks understandable verbal skills we are awed at his comprehension. We are certain full sentences will take us by surprise soon.

Tuesday, February 10

Finalization Fun Day

Today we awoke early and headed down to the King County Courthouse in Seattle. (I am just glad that every Tuesday doesn't start that way). Today was our long awaited Adoption Finalization appointment. While the adoption has been final on many fronts from the moment that Max was placed in our arms, Washington state needed two post placement reports before they would stamp final and issue new birth certificates. Today was our day. While we were nervous because we don't often do court related things, everything went smoothly and we were in and out in no time. The judge we had shared with us that his grandson was just recently adopted from Guatemala (*another God thing if you ask me) and he had no qualms or concerns but rather gave us his blessing and stamp of authority. He invited us to take pictures there in the court room and then we were done. In and out in 15 minutes.

Then it was off to family fun day in Seattle. We ventured to the Children's Museum and enjoyed the Curious George exhibit and all the other fun stuff they have there. We ate lunch at the Center House and then placed two very tired boys in to the car. A great day for our family and the FINAL to do box checked off. Can I hear a collective exhale and a Thanks be to God!

Saturday, February 7

Ladies Night in Bellingham

*Caution..this gets scandalous*

Friday afternoon my mom and I set out to meet my sister Kendra and her friend MaryBeth for Ladies night. On the docket: dinner, drinks and a concert.We arrived at Kendra's house and were treated to a lovely little dinner made with great fixings from the local co-op. After dinner we put on our "party clothes" and headed out for drinks at the Nimbus, a local hot spot(who knew bellingham had hot spots). The Nimbus overlooks the city and water and was a great prequel to the show. After a tasty Crazberry adult beverage it was across the street for the concert. On stage, live and in person: Brandi Carlile, a local girl from Maple Valley who in the last few years has made a national name for herself.

Jon and I are fans of her music and when the opportunity to go to the concert came I was thrilled. (Jon was thrilled that he didn't have to go)The concert was fantastic. Such great music, comical comments in between and a good time with "the girls". After the concert we went back to the Nimbus (no was ladies night...)We enjoyed more beverage and tasty late night appetizers. (Marybeth had had all she could take..and in between sips would "rest" her eyes). We drew the evening to a close with each of us finding a comfy spot on the floor/couch/treadmill at Kendra's house and fell fast asleep. Mom and I awoke early and hit the road...and I made it back to motherly duties and church bulletin printing with only minor morning after effects.(is it wrong to print church bulletins with a slight hangover headache?)A great night was had by all...and thanks to all those who participated in child wrangling so that this Mama could enjoy a great night on the town.

Thursday, February 5


Ahh...warmth and sun abound yesterday and we took the opportunity to enjoy it by hitting the park with some friends. We enjoyed great lunch, conversation and all the sun. Max and Jack both climbed like crazy which means mommy paced and hoovered like a mad lady.(a good work out though). The day made us long for the sunny and warm days of spring. Bring it on.

Wednesday, February 4

Young Love

Today one of my boys recieved their very first call from a girl. This young lady had the audacity to be super forward and to call my son. When she got his digits I just don't know. Obviously someone is not superving the nursery very well. It has take us by surprise: MAX has himself a lady friend, Anabell. She is in love with Max. Talks about him every waking moment and today she asked to call Max. Her little heart was broken when she could not speak to him, due to the fact that he was napping. Ughh. Love can be so rough sometime.