Monday, September 24

Maddie came to play

Our morning was very fun because our favorite Madison came to play. Her mommy and daddy are vacationing in Mexico (poor them) and so Maddie came for the morning. We read stories, danced to pirate music (we try our best to integrate culture) and walked around the neighborhood. However the most exciting activity was our eating graham crackers and watching for the garbage truck. Who knew this could occupy 40 minutes of our time. Shortly before lunch Madison left to go home with Nan. We had so much fun with our cousin that Jack asked if she could spend the night. I think we will pass this go round.

Wednesday, September 12

First Day of Preschool

First Day of Preschool

Today was an exciting day. Jack began attending New Life Christian Preschool in Maple Valley. I was so excited to be going to "real school". We woke early, ate a hardy breakfast and then proceeded to the front porch for first day pictures ( we took serious ones and funny ones). When we arrived at school we saw his friend Luke in the parking lot and that made school immediately fun. His teacher is Ms. Shannon. She is warm and welcoming and Jack had no qualms about being there. The kids were told to bring their favorite teddy bear for this big day (what a brilliant plan) and parents were encouraged to stay for the first part. We enjoyed circle time, painting time, outdoor play and snacks..then parents were kicked out. I then joined other moms from the class in the waiting room (they had it loaded with snacks and coffee- big smile) we all chatted, got to know one another and took turns peering into the classroom window and giving reports. At 11:30 the door open and out popped all of our kiddos. Bears, crafts and smiles. It was a great day. Jack is already asking if he can go to school tomorrow! Ohh yeah..that craft he is proudly showing is his three-eyed bear he promptly named "chicken bottom" , this kind of nonsense must be from jon's side of the family.

Tuesday, September 11

Election Update

Praise: With no major incidents of violence the elections took place in Guatemala. There was no clear cut winner and so there will be a run off between the two front runners on November 4th. Please continue to pray for the country of Guatemala. On a happier note, we expect that sometime this week will get new pictures of Max and his recent health update. We will be sure to pass that along as soon as we get it. gets interesting around our house tomorrow as Jack starts preschool - Yippee!! Check us out tomorrow afternoon for all the first day details.

Saturday, September 8

Adoption Update | Guatemala Election Prayers

First off, let me say that the rains from Hurricane Felix did not prove as devestating as invisioned. This is a huge praise. What does loom in Guatemala though is it's presidential and congressional elections held tomorrow (Sept. 9th). We would ask you to join us in praying for the elections. Changes in the government, while much needed, could interrupt, prolong or derail the adoption process.
Our prayer is that Guatemala would elect a leadership that desires to end corruption, crack down on the prevelant crime and violence and would step in and end the errupting drug trafficing. With these items under control better attention to poverty can be given. We also pray that favor will continue to be given to families wishing to adopt. If you find time today and tomorro please be mindful of Guatemala and say a little prayer. Thanks so much for your partnership in this journey.

Tuesday, September 4

Hurricane Felix | This is not fun.

As if the country of Guatemala could not get more turbulant with upcoming elections...well now it appears that it will with expected arrival of Hurricane Felix. We have been closely watching as this hurricane heads right towards the heart of Guatemala. While the winds may die down and only be considered a catagory 1 storm forcasters predict that Guatemala City will be pounded with upwards of 25 inches of rain resulting in devestating mudslides. This is not good considering that shantty towns and thousands of homes cling precariously to hillsides. Please pray for the safetly of Max's birthfamily as ( it is our understanding )they live in shantty towns outside of Guatemala City. Pray also for Max and his foster family who live in the heart of Guatemala City. We will keep you posted!