Monday, November 30

The Tree is Up

The tree is up earlier this year than in years past. The reason: a great artificial, fully lit tree was dropped on our doorstep. Now there was one little glitch with this great new tree passed on to us by Jon's was nine feet tall our ceilings are eight feet tall. As it sat in it's bag in the middle of our living room we thought thru some options many of which included a hack saw. But alas after some investigation we discovered that we could just leave the bottom section off and it would work. OH, I was happy. See I don't mind going to the local tree farm and picking out a tree, it is very fun..but what I don't like is putting up or taking down the lights, which by default was my job. But not this year. The tree went up and it was time to decorate. This year the whole family got in on the job.(usually I kick the boys out and decorate the tree to mommy's liking while watching white christmas, but not this year) The boys loved it, the tree looks great and it was so much fun that Jack felt compelled to rush away and put on his Christmas jammies.

So Here is to kicking off a season all about anticipation, joy and family.

Saturday, November 28

Olympic Fever

Jon and I are so excited for the upcoming olympics. We have caught olympic fever....and were so inspired to join in the fun. Check out the routine we have been working on. * Make sure the volume on your computer is turned up.
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Friday, November 27


There is much to be thankful for this year. Our family was able to spend the day together, eating,playing and celebrating.

Our morning began with Uncle Travis and Auntie Kendra joining us for breakfast, watching the parade and making items for the days feast. Kendra and I got to sit with the boys while Travis and Jon did their thing in the kitchen.

After the parade we made our way down to the hospital to welcome our new neice Avery. Born to my sister Heather and her husband Bobby. Mom and Baby are doing well. Jack loved getting the chance to hold Avery and Max loved her little nose. Congrats Bobby, Heather, Robby and Gavin...what a way to spend Thanksgiving.

After the hospital it was off to Feast with the family at Jon's parents house. It was a good spread with lots of friends and family. My favorites this year...cranberries and Jon's tasty green onion biscuts. Yum

Tuesday, November 24

Thanksgiving Crafts

Tuesday Jack had a half day at school due to confrences. With the boys home together that afternoon I thought maybe we should make a a simple little turkey craft and talk about what we were thankful for. The boys really enjoyed the craft and turned out some great turkeys.

Then Jack decided turkeys were not enough so he made: 4 pilgrims, 4 native americans, 1 mayflower, 1 thanksgiving table and 4 "scenes" for them. He then requested a box so that he could make all the pictures stand up. He then asked if I would make a sign and I happily abliged him. Wow, had a great time and I as his mama was super impressed by his creativity and persistance.

Jack and his rockin' Thanksgiving tribute

The Mayflower

A Pilgrim finding land

Hunting for food

A Thanksgiving Meal.

From our family to yours Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23

Friday Fun Day

Last Friday I had the most amazing day with my sister Kendra and our friend MaryBeth. Here is how it all went down. A month ago I found out that my favorite singer Brandi Carlile was going to be doing an intimate acoustic concert and I was able to get 3 tickets. It just happen to be Kendra's Birthday and so we made it an all day affair.
Part One | Unique Concert

We arrived at the radio station to find that they are fantastic hosts. They welcomed us, had a nice food spread and a fantastic view too boot. We waited in this great room for about a half and hour with other guests (only about 25 other people)Then we were ushered into a lobby area with three rows of chairs, Brandi and her Band (ie two tall bald guys with guitars and a cello player). The lights went down, the record light went on and so did she. She played some songs and in between answered questions asked by the radio host. Her singing was AMAZING. In a room like that it was so awesome to just hear the true tone....incredible. Kendra, Beth and I just sat there in pure bliss. After her songs she then met us, signed posters and took pictures. It was great...well the picture not so much, but alas it is the radio station picture girl's fault. oh well. Listen in for yourself if you want right here. Click Here and push the play button.

Part Two | Deals, Drinks and Dinner

After the concert we hit the town, scored big at a huge old navy sale and then hit a great resturant for some food and drinks. We then headed up to Queen Anne in Seattle to have dinner with Genevive. She and Kendra were roomates the year before Kendra and Travis got married. At G's house we had some good laughs, great food and tasty cake. It was good fun.

Part Three | Mommy's hit the Movies
After dinner I said good-bye to Kendra and Beth who were both headed back towards Bellingham. I then met up with some ladies from church and took in a late showing of NewMoon, the latest in the Twilight series, based on books that held me captive last year. It was a great flick and perfect end to a great day.

Wednesday, November 18


I have been delinquent once again with blog posting..but to catch you up hre our the little surprises that have brough excitment to the lyons household.

[Suprise] Ear Infection
Friday night brought down Jack with a fever and Saturday morning started to early with some serious tears and complaints of the ear nature. The result Jack's first ear infection of the season. We checked into the nearby urgent care first thing saturday morning, got some meds and then spent the rest of the weekend at Camp Couch.What can be better than snuggled in, legos, story tapes and mom and dad at your beckon call.

[Suprise] Max sits still
Max has become obsessed with "projects" and all manner of glue, scissors and paper.He will sit for long periods of time making projects.He is very serious about his work and loves to show you each and every new aspect.

[Suprise] Rawgo
Auntie Kendra and Uncle Travis suprised us with pictures of their cute new Labradinger Dog "Rawgo". Jack and Max are sooo jealous and were very disappointed to learn that the dog will not be living with us, but rather Kendra and Travis. Jack has begun to yet again request a dog...and has settled to have this picture as my desktop image...for now at least.

[Suprise] HotCocoa Fun Day
After school today I suprised the boys with some hot chocolate and a trip to the park. We bundled up and joined some friends to enjoy cocoa and the crisp air. It was a good day.

Wednesday, November 11

Snapshot of Daily Life

So here are just a few pictures of what the day to day life at the Lyons house looks like.

[ Max ]

is two and all of it's "exploring his independace" glory. He is testing his independance by needing to constantly get himself his own cup of ice water. We frown on this because it usually results in a huge wet mess on the floor. But he has figured out to lift the chair just right so that I cannot hear it being drug across the floor. He does the chair move is seconds...and it is the sound of ice dropping into the cup that gives his antics away.

[ Jack ]
...just being Jack and wearing his snowsuit in November...when the sun is shining and leaves litter the yard. I am just relieved that all his snowsuit wearing fun is contained to the back yard.

Sunday, November 8

Big Game Fun

Sunday morning started like any other at our house. Jon was eating breakfast and reading the paper, I was checking facebook while I drank my coffee...but then our day got great. My aunt announced via facebook that she had two tickets to today's Seahawks game..and I jumped at the offer. Jon headed to church to meet the boys (who had slept over at his parents house) and I jumped into the car to go get the tickets which came with this awesome green hat that Jack loved...and placed carefully next to his bed once he returned home. After church Jon and Jack loaded into the car and headed to their first ever football game together. Jon and Jack got lunch found their way to the seats and settled in for the afternoon. The seats were great, the game was good and Jack and Jon both returned home tierd....and with horse voices. It was a great experience for the guys...Thanks so much Aunt Billie for the tickets.

*poor quality picks from Jack's very own camera *

Tuesday, November 3

Max Says....

Lately Max has been attempting to use more and more words. Hooray! However it takes a keen ear and a good understanding of context in order to decipher exactly what he says. Today I stood at Costco with Max and little girl I occasionally watch do a bit of shopping. I had parked the cart and was looking intently at an item. Max started to chatter....then he became louder..I like any good mom was able to momentarily tune him out and focus on my business. But then I could no longer ignore him as he had gotten incredibly loud and much to my joy he was yelling " Bitch..Bitch..Bitch" I kid you not, that is what it sounded like he was saying. People began looking at us and luckily for myself and onlookers I noticed that Max was pointing.."Ah, yes... CHIPS..those are CHIPS Max" I said loudly. A few onlookers started to snicker..and I went about my shopping. Ah the delight of a two year old learning to talk.

Sunday, November 1

Halloween Happenings

It is no secret that our house loves Halloween. It is my favorite because it kicks off the holiday season and a time were celebration is never more than four weeks away. This years Halloween happenings included Jack's class party, Trick or Treating at daddy's office, and hosting our annual Trick or Treat Dinner party. Grab the candy bucket and settle in for the recap and photo show.

Max and I got to join in the fun and help with Jack's class party. The kids wore costumes, did a couple spider crafts and played some games. Jack loved the party atmosphere and Max loved being one of the big kids. It was a good time.

Daddy's Office
Right after the party it was into the car, we were off to daddy's office for trick-or-treating. Microsoft goes all out and it was a real halloween hulubalu when we got there. We got to go see lots of cool decorations in the buildings and picked up a good amount of candy from each hallway and office. Jack especially loves to see Jon's office and the special badge that visitors get to wear. Max was a little taken aback with all the people and got several comments on his costume.

Trick-or-Treat Dinner
We hosted yet again our annual Trick-or-Treat dinner party. As always it was lots of fun. We invited family and some friends to join us for a simple low key dinner and then we head out into the neighborhood for the candy goods. It wase very fun to lots of Jack and Max's friends with us. Jack was totally into it this year. He was on a mission...get the house first. While still being poliet, Jack attacked each house using the fastest approach and departure routes. Max on the other hand took to every other house with a slow and relaxed pace. Jon and I took turns at the end of the party line with our little yoda. We returned home with tuckerd kids who dove into those buckes. Yet again neighborhood provide this mama with a dangerous amount of goodies that now sit in a pumpkin atop the fridge.

I think we need a bigger kitchen...I love having people over for a party.

All the kiddos ready to hit the streets..all the moms and dads capture the fun

Uncle Nic and Auntie Rachel were able to join the party. Very fun.

The after-glow of a night well done.

Really do you need an explanation? Being Mom is good.