Saturday, February 23

A Big Weekend

This weekend held a lot of entertainment for everyone in our family. Grab a beverage and settle in because there is a lot to share. Here are some of the highlights.

PACIFIC SCIENCE CENTER : On Friday we ventured out with our cousins Robby and Gavin, our Auntie Heather and Mormor for a day at the Pacific Science Center. With so many activities and so many great things to do there we found ourselves there for several hours. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

SALISH LODGE : On Friday evening Jon and I were able to enjoy a Christmas gift from his parents, a stay at the Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls. We arrived early Friday evening and ate a wonderful meal overlooking the falls. Then we had a massage (delightful and spectacular says the girl who LOVES massages). Then on Saturday morning we enjoyed a 2 hour long luxourious breakfast in the beautiful dinning room. We capped off our stay with a walk to the falls. What a way to spend the weekend. Thanks Jeff and Robin. Thanks Ken and Nadine for watching Jack.

FIRST GOLF OUTING : Saturday evening was beautiful and so we decided to breakout Jack's golf clubs and take him to the driving range for the first time. The boys were kind enough to let mom come along to document this historic boy bonding moment. Jack loved being there with his dad and he had a great time hitting the balls with all his different clubs. Daddy showed of his skills. Quiet impressive. It was good to be in the fresh air and keeping our bodies active. Hello signs of spring. Yippee.

Brilliant Mom Award

I just have to share this self described "brilliant" mom moment that I had. I was busy cleaning the kitchen and family room on thursday when Jack said that he wanted to paint. I had just mopped and there was no way that I was going to be getting out all that mess right before dinner. So in a moment of sheer genius I told Jack that he could not paint inside, but if he wanted to earn a quarter (we are big into earning money these days) he could paint the back fence for me. He jumped up and down, "Yes! I want to paint the fence". So I filled a pitcher full of special paint (H2O) and grabbed a brush. Then I sent him outside to the fence. He spent 45 minutes working on the fence. He was so proud of him self and I got a clean kitchen.

Wednesday, February 20

Perfect Zoo Weather

With the weather being so lovely as of late it is a shame to spend it inside. In that spirit we hit the Zoo today with our friends the Blankenships. They picked us up early, we got coffee and we were off. Jack and his friend Luke loved looking for each animal on their own personal zoo map. The animals were all visable and the monkeys put on a very nice show. We enjoyed a tasty lunch and some much needed outdoor running and frolicking. In the afternoon we piled back into the van and in a matter of minutes small children were asleep. What a beautitful way to spend the day.

Tuesday, February 19

Beautiful Bellingham

Auntie Kendra lives in a beautiful place: Bellingham. Since Monday was a holiday and she had the day off Jack, Mommy and Mormor set off on yet another roadtrip. We left early in the morning and were up in Bellingham at 10:30. Auntie Kendra and Travis had chosen a wonderful park for us to go play at. The whole drive to the park Kendra raved about this place...with much anticipation and waiting to be wowed we drove into the park. It far exceeded our expectations. This mommy agrees-this is the coolest park. It looked like an amazing tree fort. Ropes and walls to climb, castles to explore and a huge tunnel slide. This great park was hidden in lovely trees and had a fantastic creek that ran right by. It was great. After time at the park we set out to have lunch at a delicious sandwhich shop and tour Kendra's new condo. After this we said good buy to Travis (we so enjoyed hanging out with him). Kendra then took us to her favorite Bellingham store: Deals Only. This is a wild,crazy and little bit trashy outlet store that lived up to all they hype. Super cool deals were to be had. You can imagine how excited Mormor was. As you can imagine after all this time and all this adventure we were toast and we headed back home. We had such a great day. Beautiul weather, lovely location and fun times with family.

Sunday, February 10

Washougal Weekend

This weekend Jack and I set out on a mini road trip to visit our good friends the Springs who moved in June to Washougal. I picked Jack up from preschool on Friday and we hit the road. A mere 3 hours later we were deep in the country and ready to have fun. Jack was easily entertained by Brad(11),Shayne(9) and there 5 acres of woodland which ment that mom and Jennifer could get caught up. We enjoyed good food, great adventures in the woods and the river and a little guitar hero action too. Before we left on Saturday afternoon we were able to cheer Shayne on at her basketball game. We made our way home late Saturday afternoon. After being in the car for only 30 minutes Jack was sound asleep. It was a fantastic weekend with some of our favorite friends.

Friday, February 8

We've got SWIMMING

What is there to do on these chilly and grey days of winter? Well of course- lets swim. Jack began swimming lessons this week at the pool in a neighboring town. He loves it and mommy is super impressed with the teacher and the program. Jack goes to lessons on tuesday and thursday mornings. He loves to make aligator hands- for diving, foating on his back, kicking his feet and pushing off the wall. He is thoroughy loving his time in the pool. Mommy loves that he comes home with a little less energy.

Saturday, February 2

Dad's Night at Preschool

This last Thursday marked an important night of Jack's preschool career. It was the much anticipated Dad's night. Every child was to bring their dad to experience all the splendor and chaos of preschool.In one room they did a craft, in another they made a snowman snack and they rode scooters in the last room One of the most exciting things was getting to shave dad's face. Jon was thrilled (as you can imagine) and Jack thought it was terrific.