Wednesday, September 30

Birthday Part 2 | Gift Debackal

Shortly after Jon got home last night we had the birthday dinner : Subway sandwhiches. Jack of course could not focus on eating, he had spotted the big gift and desperatly wanted to get to the business of opening gifts. Who can blame him, he is 6. We moved into the living room and opened the first gift, from Max, a great starwars puzzle with a Yoda figure. Big hit. Then game the great big box. Even as I set it down in front of him heard a familiar shake inside and got excited at the idea of legos. He tore open that paper to reveal a huge set of Agent Legos. Yeah! So excited. We quickly put Max to bed and then gathered back in the living room to open and asssemble the set. (* Jon and I were so excited about Jack's gift. If you don't already know legos are super spendy. The box Jack is displaying is an $80 set....i found it though on the clearance table at Fred Meyer though a couple of weeks ago for only $20.00 - Awesome Find)

Here is where the gift went south. We opened the box and dumped it onto the floor to find a pile of "crap" spill out. A miscillancious collection of kenx, an old cordless phone battary, some garbage and a mere 15 legos. Shocked does not begin to describe how I felt. What?!?! Someone obviously purchased the set, took out the goods, filled the box with crap, sealed it, and then returned it. UGH, the nerve.

Obviously Jack was devestated, as you can see by the blurry picture of a sobbing Jack, attempting to be consoled by Jon. I was furious. I snapped a few pics for "proof", threw the items back into the box , grabbed the recipt and my kiddo and we went to the store. Pronto!

We returned it no problem, but as we walked to the toy section I had to explain to Jack that we could not replace the set with a similar sized box (that was just out of the birthday budget) and he would have to choose a smaller set, for the same amount of money. Jack understood and did a great job carefully thinking about what he wanted. We returned home with a lego Indiana Jones set. Jack was happy, Jon and I got a good laugh..and we learned you best open a box of "good deal legos" before you buy.

Tuesday, September 29

Today is the day....Jack has waited for!

We started the morning with Jack's favorite breakfast: Starbucks for a doughnut and hot chocolate. He takes after his mama and likes a good sugary start to the day.

Then it was off to school. As he bounded into the classroom I knew the teacher would have her hands full with a kiddo super psyched about his day. At 2pm Max and I went to school to deliver cupcakes and found Jack wearing a fantastic "birthday" hat and sporting a number of birthday stickers. Max was invited to sit with Jack at his desk as his class sang to him and as they ate cupcakes. Jack loved it.

After school it was off to subway, jack's choice for birthday dinner. We picked up sandwhiches and brought them home......part two will be revealed one daddy gets home...stay tuned.

Monday, September 28

A New Kind of "Fun"

Let's just say this....I hate to run. Not a fan, never been good at it, it is hard on my body. But with that said, Sunday morning my sister Kendra, some of my lady friends and myself ran a 5k at a beautiful beach, Alki. The morning was sunny but super chilly when we first arrived. But by the time the race started the wind had settled and lets be honest by the end of the first mile, the breeze was just great. I ran with Kendra, she and I chatted, planned a 5k for her company and met our own personal run goals. It was good. After we all finished we hit a great local spot for some super tasty and well deserved breakfast. It was such a fun morning with fun that (drum roll please..) I just might find myself running again.

--stay tuned, later in the week there might be some action shots...if Kendra can figure out how to get them off the phone.

Friday, September 25

Tears Be Gone

Well it appears that all one needs to do to nip the whole crying before school habit jack has was to post about it. Thursday and Friday Jack rocked it. He did great. We even changed the routine up a bit friday and I drove him to school so that I could go to bible study right after and he rolled with it. He has asked to stay after school each day with a friend to play on the play ground and (drumroll please) today he came home with NO food in his lunch box. Yippee...but I will hold my breath because now it is the weekend and we have to start back over again come monday...but for now...we are two days tear free. It looks like StarWars episode 4 may be viewed next weekend.(fingers crossed)

-ps. thanks to all the kind "moms" who wrote this mama encouraging emails sharing the trials and tribulations that you all expreinced in your years of parenting...they were good for a laugh and good contained great advice.

Wednesday, September 23

Status Update | Jack & School

Well, we are into our second week of school....and it is a lot more difficult than we anticipated. Jack rocked it the first week. While nervous, he did not shed one tear on school property. All of that has changed with the second week. Monday = great tears, Tuesday = great tears, Wednesday= great tears. It is the classic child crying, mother speaking reassuring words as she untangles him from her leg and shoves him through the open door whilst saying " have a great day, I know you will do great". Jack's teacher is just the right amount of love/buck it up. She does a great job of encouraging Jack's natural leadership in the class and she assures me that he collects himself moments after he is in the door. Lunch continues to be a bit of struggle, as it is unstructured time...and thus he has time to "miss mom". We had grand plans for lunch meals...but alas he eats mearly one bite. But this lunch drama seems to be on the upswing as of today...with reports that he had a better lunch table demenor and was quickly engaged out on the playground. AHHH Mothering. I knew that it would be hard to have my kiddo at school all day, but I didn't realize how much my heart would hurt knowing that he feels much anxiety about learning the new grove of school. I know that in a week or two all of this will be behind us...and I also know that Jon and I and our "anxious genes" did this to our kiddo :) and we should be a bit surprised.But for now there is an ache while Jack is away and Max and I find ourselves praying for Jack through out the day and at the same time and excitement for the fun he will have once he can get over this. What I can say about this whole that it appears that Jack is at a great school. As we walk to school teachers of all kind call him by name, speak kindly and encouragingly to him and me, and there is a real sense of inclusion and family as I see all students engaging teachers with hugs and enthusiasm. While not one of our more uplifting blogs...this is life at the Lyons for now....and per request...we are keeping you posted. Should you find extra time in your day at 8:25 and 11:03 say a little prayer for Jack those are his transition times :)

Friday, September 18

While Jack's Away

It seems that Max has settled in nicely to playing by himself while Jack is away at school. It entertains himself by dressing up in all manner of star wars gear to do even the simplest of tasks. Max will be Yoda or has he calls himself "Doda" for Halloween and is getting much use out of his costume already. He is often bummed when we have take off the costume for naptime.

He is also found much thrill in wearing Jack's Darth Vadar mask while Jack is away.

Tuesday, September 15

First Day of School | Yeah Jack

Well today was the big day. The day we have awaited. Jack began all day kindergarten at the school just down from our house. There was much nervousness over the last several days as we talked about the big day but Jack rocked it. This morning he awoke, came downstairs fully clothed, backpack on and said " who wants to feed a kindergatner...I am ready to eat". He had great enthusiasm this morning and as we walked to school he handled his nerves like a champ. We walked into the school and gathered with all the other K students in the gym. Then after all the students arrived they lined up by class, waved to all the parents and headed out the door. With a little look of trepidation Jack followed the line, but there were no tears. I only got slightly misty after he was out the door. I am so excited to pick him up and to hear all about his day. We will keep you posted.

Saturday, September 12

First Soccer Game

Today the sun shone bright and hot as it was opening day for soccer. With two practices under his belt and a little time with dad in the back yard we hit the field ready to be aggressive, run hard ALL THE TIME, and have fun. Jack and the Ken-spect Cobras did a great job. His first time out on the field he played defender and after being reminded one time what direction he was headed he took his job very seriously. His next time out the coach placed him as goalie. He did a really nice job there and actully stopped a few good shots. No one scored on that is huge success. When he came of the field he was really excited and said he had a good time. Match 1 = Success.

Max and Daddy had a great time watching and cheering Jack on.

Tuesday, September 8

Highlights: Soccer and Sunday School

Last week both boys had "firsts" that resulted in big fun.
Jack took the practice field for his first time playing soccer. It appears that he has a great coach (soccer ball tatoo and all). He is passionate, great with the kids, and just that right blend of funny and serious. Jack looks so great in his cleets, "slick" shorts and high socks and come game day he will be sporting a great shirt with Morfar's company logo on the front. How fun is that. While there is much enthusiasm...there is not a lot of skill at this point, but that is okay because it is our first go round and it gives Jon a good reason to insist that he and Jack spend quality time in the backyard. Jack is working on running (all the time) and "being aggressive" and getting after the ball.

On Sunday at church the kiddos "moved-up" to the next sunday school class. That meant that Max moved out of the nursery and into a "real" class. There was no hesitation on his part when Jon walked him down the hallway and into his class. He assurredly waved good bye with no tears. When Jon returned to pick him up, Max came running over and pulled Jon to look at his project. He showed any and every one who would look down, his prized Sunday school project. And there were big grins when we placed it on the fridge. It appears that we have a fan of Sunday school, glue and projects. Fun times lay ahead.