Tuesday, October 27

Bright White

Yesterday Max had a dentist appoinment. He rocked it. He loved the "magic chair", the "super straw", "mr.water" and the "tooth tickler". We take the kids to a fantastic pediatric dentist,she and her staff are so excellent. Max had no hesitation in doing exactly what the hygentist asked him to do including pictures of his teeth. At the end of the appoinment he was so excited abou this clean teeth he kept yelling "thank you teeth" as we walked out of the office and down to the car. Even the mundane is exciting to this kiddo.

Monday, October 26

Fun Times | Weekend Recap

This weekend was a busy one here at the Lyons and unfortunately the camera only made it to one happening. Here is a little play by play:
Friday was Jon's Birthday. In honor of that Jon's parents took us to a very nice dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Bellevue. O so tasty. It was great to share the evening with each other and super great that the boys where home and having a great time with auntie Kendra.
Saturday morning was spent with auntie kendra checking off the typical to do list, including costco shopping. Then it was off to soccer. Thanks so much to our friends Dale and Susan for taking the time to come hang out on the sidelines and cheer him on. After soccer we came home, warmed up and the boys ate dinner. It was time for this mama to head out for the long awited Brandi Carlile concert. You may recall that last February I was able to attend with my mom, kendra and our friend marybeth. I am a big fan and was so excited to be able to go her tour's last show here in seattle. Kendra, MaryBeth and I had a great time at the show. Such an amazing songwritter, musician and singer.

Sunday morning we got a spontaneous invite to go up to bellingham to see my cousin in a production of Your a Good Man Charlie Brown. Immediatly following church we hopped into the car and drove northward. The show was so great. My cousin played Snoppy and in my bias opinion stole the show. Then it was off to have some dinner and see kendra and travis' new house. Then back on the road to put two very tired boys to bed.
It was a good weekend.

Monday, October 19

Props to the Daddy

While mama was away this weekend- the "men" played. Jon and the boys had a great time at home (so I heard). They attempted Jack's soccer game-but it was rained out, they watched Return of the Jedi, played outside, had pumpkin pie with a "bucket" of cool whip on top and THEY MADE A FORT. When I walked in the door sunday morning I was greeted with hugs, kisses and monster fort in the living room. It was so awesome. Jon had brought the ladder in the house, gathered up all the big blankets and Jack even made signs. Including: no eating in the fort, no smoking or guns in the fort, and finally NO GIRLS. The fort stayed up till late Sunday night. Way to go Daddy way to play!

Sunday, October 18

Sisters " Working" Weekend

I awoke before dawn Saturday morning, hit starbucks and then hit the road. I was Bellingham bound to spend the day with my youngest sister Kendra. Kendra is the rockin' Resource Development Director for Whatcom County's Habitat for Humanity. This weekend was her big Auction and Dinner. I arrived shortly after 7am to lend my support, work for her and to cheer her on. She did a great job. It was so well organized that it was easy to work, accomplish tasks and even be a little ahead of schedule. As the older sister it was great to watch Kendra in her element, in her groove and doing what she is so gifted at. The event was great and I had a great evening with Kendra. As I crept out of her house at 6am sunday morning I could hear her snoring away in her room...good for her. She worked so hard. Stay tuned. Next weekend we get to play together..big time.

who knew that it took hours to set out silent auction items

Okay, take a deep breath. Let's get our party on.

A packed room = Lots of money for Habitat for Humanity. Awesome.

Getting her volunteers all caught up on proceedures.

Shortly after 10 Kendra finally gets to sit: with a glass of wine. Take note of her "post event" footwear.

Friday, October 16

My Pride and Joy

Well, it is official Max is my second. How might an innoncent on looker know this. Just look at how this kid is dressed. And to answer the question that is in your head, Yes, I let him out of the house like this.

I had been doing laundry the night before and shock of all shocks the basket was still downstairs when we got dressed for the day. I dressed Max and then asked him to get his shoes. When I returned to the room he had put on his rain boots and I found Jack's shirt and put that on as well. Oh, was he proud of himself. So pleased. Due to his joy in his own actions I let him keep on his get up and took him out to do all manner of errands. We have come a long way...when it comes to what I let out of the house.

Monday, October 12

Tis Pumpkin Time

On Friday Max and Mom "spook-ified" the front stoop but even though lights were hung and a friendly ghost greets you at the front door we did not yet have the pumpkins. So today after school we carved our pumpkins. Jack did a great job digging out the guts and drawing the face he wanted on the pumpkin. His is spooktacular with 5 eyes and jagged teeth. Max loved his pumpkin and carried it all around the house saying pump-KIN at the top of his lungs. He was completely enamored with the lid.. We carved a simple set of eyes and a nose on his and thought we were done. But no, he was admit that we put ears on his pumpkin, so we did. Now our front porch is just right.