Tuesday, March 30

The Whole Fam-Damly

Yup. The whole freakin family gathered this last weekend. It was great fun. It is rare to have visits from the mid-west/east coast clan but this weekend they all made their way to Jeff and Robins house. We had a great breakfast at our house Saturday morning with Scott/Kathy, the great grandparents, Aunt Stacy and Jon's Parents. Then sunday after church when Jon,Sue and Senya made it to town we had a classic Lyons BBQ. Yum. It was a sweet time to introduce our boys to their great aunts and uncles. And the boys always love to play with cousin Madi. Here are just a few pics from the front yard family photo session.

Uncle Jon, Aunt Sue and Cousin Senya (Minnesota)

Uncle Scott and Aunt Kathy (Maryland)

Robin with her siblings: Jon, Scott,and Stacy along with their parents

Attempt at a family photo

Jack, Max and Cousin Madi

Kiddos with Great Grandpa Chuck

Thursday, March 25

Niave Dreams...Reality Unleashed

So when I dreamed of myself as a mother and thought about what it would be like to have a kiddo...I will admit that I often pictured my kiddo wearing a fresh pressed button down shirt with rolled sleeves, paired with a great fashion jean and a classic shoe like converse. Pretty much take any kid from a gap commercial or pottery barn ad and that was what I pictured. Oh naive was I.

Any "experienced" mother is laughing her head off right now, and to be honest so am I. As I have been a mother I have had no greater pleasure or had more laughs and true joy then when my children have dressed themselves and been so proud of themeselves. Today was such a day for Max. Yesterday he was excited when I unloaded a box of hand-me-down clothes which happen to contain some Thomas the Train PJs. Today, Max changed out of his mom approved outfit and into his Thomas Shirt and "Pants" shortly before we left for school. Then he emerged from the laundry room with his boots and said " I ready mom. I have a great day." Far be it from me to crush his little independent self (this time). So away we went with our day. All day long, every errand run in Max's much loved Thomas "Shirt and Pants". Yup it was a good day..and my reality FAR SURPASSES my naive dreams.

Tuesday, March 16

Spring Training Recap

So photos are in and as a person who did not go on the trip I will do my best to group photos and add commentary based on the phonecalls that I recieved and the most mentioned instances by Jack. Here goes:

Wednesday: Fly to Phoenix
Jack was super excited and a little nervous about his first (that he can remember) flight. We gave him the play-by-play about what would take place at the airport and on the plane. For Jack info = courage. He did great. Had a good time sitting by Nan and Dad and enjoyed using the zune to watch a couple of his favorite shows. They landed and took a ride " in a bus" to the car rental place where Jack learned he would get to ride in a mini van..which he loved. Then it was off to the hotel and to dinner and then to bed. Good times!

Thursday: Grandma Shirley Day

Awoke and it was off to see Grandma Shirley and aunt Peggy and then head off to breakfast. They ate breakfast at The Good Egg, then back to Grandma Shriley's for the day. Jack had a great time in Shirley's back yard and playing fun games like "hide the gnome". They chowed pizza for dinner and then headed back to the hotel. Jack and Jon went swimming and then enjoyed dessert.

Friday: Game Day One

After breakfast and a walk around the hotel and neighboring shops it was offf to the ball park. They enjoyed watching players at the practice field and set out to get some signatures. They succeded and Jack now proudly displays them in his room. The games was good fun. They had great weather, great seats and who doesn't love a baseball brautwerst.

Saturday: Back to the Ball Park

Breakfast, walk a little swimming and then back to the ball park. A few more autographs, a corn dog and another great game in beautiful sunshine. After the game it was off to "fancy" dinner in celebration of Aunt Peggy's birthday.

Sunday: Swim, Play, Home
Sunday morning while daddy packed the bags, Pop took Jack swimming, which he loved. Then after they checked out of the hotel it was off to Grandma Shirley's for lunch and to spend time together before flying home. Around 4 it was off to the airport, where Jack waved by to the minivan and declared that he wants "to visit lots of places like pop..for a job" He confidently boarded that plane and stayed wide awake the whole way home. Then come 11pm I heard them in the driveway and welcomed home by boys. Yippee.

They had a great time. Good time for dad and son, good time with family, and good time in some sunshine with baseball. Jack can't wait to do it all again.

Spring Training SNEAK PEEK

The Lyons Men-folk are home. They walked in the door around 11pm Sunday night and I swear that Jack looked like he had aged at least 4 years. Oh how I missed my guys. They truly enjoyed their time with each other, family and baseball fans in the sunshine. Due to the fact that our camera is large an cumbersome (it appears we need to upgrade and downsize..)Jon left the camera at home and we are waiting for the pictures that Nan and Pop took to share the full play by play. But here is a sneak peek at the boys in action.

Jack got Dan Wilson's autograph. We have always been fans of the former Mariners catcher and while Jack had no clue who he was, the rest of the family was excited that we can add a Wilson signed ball to the spring training momento collection.
More fun shots and stories will follow. Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 13

Max and Mommy Fun

My dad bought tickets to a hockey game in hopes of spending quality time with his grandsons and son in law. But I knew he had an extra ticket and let's face it, Max and I needed a little excitement so I asked if we could bum along. He agreed. Then much to our surprise my sister Heather came in place of her husband with the boys. Bobby had been called to work . (bummer). So it turned into Dad, 2 of his girls and their boys at a Hockey Game. It was fun. Max enjoyed it. We departed in the middle of the 2nd period though because the combination of no nap....and his social personality resulted in him never being close to our seats....and with us springing ahead in the morning...we called it a night. Thanks Dad. Not exactly what you planned, but we certainly enjoyed our time.

Friday, March 12

The Relaxed Life

With Jack and Jon away for a few days the house has taken on a surprising relaxed tone. Without work or school to dictate the schedule of the day Max and I have taken it easy and really enjoyed a slower pace and some great one on one time. Today while I was folding laundry Max asked for a snack. I provided and then he told me he was headed to his room. I found him a few minutes later lying in his bed, with his snack and reading one of Jack's sacred Lego magazines. Oh, Max was a happy camper. Shhh. Don't tell Jack.

Thursday, March 11

Mariners= Blahhh, Shriley= Fun Times

(the following is heartfelt and has nothing to do with the phone call that I got minutes ago threatening to disallow me to claim the lyons last name if a certain blog situation was not immediately rectified)

Let's be honest the real reason the the fam-damly headed to Arizona is to visit Great Grandma Shirley and Aunt Peggy who live there. Any fun that the family may enjoy with thousands of fans and players at spring training will just be "extra".She and she alone is the reason for the planning, the trip, and jack purchasing a sunglasses and a mariners hat. Yup. It's ALL ABOUT GRANDMA SHIRLEY. And our family would have it no other way. We are so thrilled that Jack gets to spend time with her, to see her home and to spend time with Aunt Peggy. Have a great time guys!

Wednesday, March 10

And they are off.....

Yup, the car just pulled out of the driveway. Jack, Jon, Nan and Pop are headed to the airport where they will meet Uncle Nic and Auntie Rae...and then they are SPRING TRAINING BOUND. Jack is so excited about flying for the first time on a plane and for the man time with dad. Have a great time guys.

ps. This is not Jack's first time at spring training. Here is peak at then and now.

Thursday, March 4

The Ride Home

So the boys and I just returned home from visiting the newly remodeled mcdonalds. The new play equipment kept the boys nicely entertained for some time. Not long after being there they made friends with some other kids. Low and behold they had befriended two kids who happen to belong to a girl I had grown up going to church with. Now she was a couple years older than me and had been good friends with Jon in Jr. High and High School. So the kids played and we chatted. When we climbed back into the car I mentioned to Jack that "that lady in there had been really good friends with daddy when they were in jr.high and high school" ( I did not mention though that she had been daddy's first girlfriend) When I shared this info with Jack he then asked "Well why did dad not marry her?" I responded, " Because they were just friends...and he like me more" ......Jack then respond with a look of shock and disdain...shaking his head he said " really??... (sigh)...whatever."

Yup, that makes a mom feel good. When your own kid can't figure out why your spouse chose you.

I called to share the incident with jon, he assured me that he was still pleased with his choice..phew...

Tuesday, March 2


Yup, his ever stealth self got busted this morning.

Also, A quick note about the large blue shirt. Max has longed for a StarWars shirt of his own. Jack has a couple and Max will follow Jack around making comments about the shirt. Yesterday while at Target with the mother in law I was looking in the big kid section for shirts for Jack's upcoming trip. Max who happen to be out of the cart found the rack with lego starwars shirts. While I looked at some options Max, again stealth, decided to take his shirt off, put a shirt on and then placed his shirt on the shelf. He then walked about like he had always owned it and with a big smile. Yup, this mama gave in to the cuteness and he got to get a StarWars Lego shirt of his very own.

Italy 101

Saturday Night Jon cooked up a feast in honor of our first Spain/Italy Hiking Trip Planning Meeting that is upcoming in September 2011. Now while we are way in advance of actual departure, there is a lot to be learned and planned in the mean time. We are excited because for us it will be our first trip to Europe. But also because it will be a unique experience to travel with three other couples. It is neat because there are four decades represented in the trip. 30s,40s,50s, & 60s. Our fearless leader is Benton and his wife Judy. Old Hats when it comes to European Travel Benton came to dinner with handouts, tour books and even his map. Over a wonderfully tasty Italian inspired dinner that Jon so lovingly slaved over all day Saturday we talked about the ins and outs of our trip. We will meet again every other month to share a meal and to plan some more. I promise I won't bore you with photos or posts from every meeting and meal, but since this was the kick off I deemed it blog worthy.