Tuesday, July 13

Triathlon Tuesday: Meet The Team

*** Disclaimer*** LyonsHappenings has not intentionally become just about the triathlon. However eBlogger has made changes to how I upload photos and thus do posts about super exciting things like family camp...and it is truly aggrevating. I am in the process of putting together "family" related posts, but I am also considering moving our blog to a different location- so sorry for the lack of family info...until that here is yet another one photo tri related post***

Here in her own words, Meet Shannon: Hey loyal Lyons blog followers! I'm honored to contribute a guest post on here! My name is Shannon Caton and here's how it all went down for me and how I became a part of this beautiful chaos! Here are my stats: Wife to one awesome Canadian guy and mother of two busy, beautiful girls, Regan almost 4 and Rowan 2. Loving being a stay at home mom, but also nice to work one or two weekends a month in the Physical Therapy Dept at a nursing home. I know, I know, if I make the elderly work out, I've got no excuse to say no to this opportunity!

So our little quad started off as the Monday night Bachelor watching group and some how turned into a World Vision Triathlon Training group! Both very good, don't get me wrong, but one of these activities takes a lot more effort than the other! Thanks to Megan who got this whole ball rolling...it has already been an amazing experience. So thank you for including me on this journey for many reasons...I get to spend time with awesome friends, get some great work outs in, and all for a greater cause. How can you go wrong with that? Honestly, a triathlon is something I've always wanted to "check off my list" so here we go! It's good to be working out on a consistant basis again, something I've always enjoyed. And when I'm exhausted for 24 hrs after swimming and have to go running the next day, it's so much easier to do it when you know it's really not about me.

I, too was looking for a way to get involved in World Vision, so it was pretty easy to say yes to Megan when she asked me to join her. We are so fortunate and blessed to live in a such a priveleged country and it was really driven home when reading the book "The Hole in the Gospel". The statistics are staggering regarding the number of deaths of children alone, that die each day from preventable illnesses due to a lack of clean water. This is a relatively simple thing we can do to make a difference for others. And as my healthy 4 yr old holds up a sign that says "Go Mom Go" as I start off on my run, it's a good reminder that I have been blessed, my children are blessed and now here's a chance to help other children. What a great motivator.

So there it is....how I got roped into this deal and oh how I'm loving it!

Wednesday, July 7

Triathlon Tuesday: Meet the Team

Over the next couple of weeks the Triathlon Tuesday post will be a guest post done by one of our team members. I thought it might be fun for you to meet the team and to hear how and why they came to join the team and what the process and training has meant thus far to them. To kick it off is the first person I asked, the first person who said yes, Meet Shelly.

"Hi my name is Shelly Connnors, and I think I may have hit insanity about a month ago"

Conversation about one month ago...

Megan: "Want to do a triathlon with me?"

Me: "You're funny I can hardly doggie paddle" Thoughts through the day, evening, night (terrors), morning: "This would be a good discipline through the summer, fun with friends, could we find a non-profit to benefit"

Next morning ---
"Meg - I think I'll do it, but don't make it public."

The next few days lots of thoughts and lots of questioning myself and wondering what I got in to occured. Then came the twist of benefiting World Vision which made it seem so much more worthwhile and a goal to work for. Then it hit facebook it was as if I had signed on the dotted line.
So, here we are a month later. A lot has been sacrificed to work this training into my schedule. I am a busy mom of one almost 6 year old who thinks it is so cool that I am going to race for World Vision. It is about a daily question of when the race is, so it is now on the calendar for all to see. My husband is extremely supportive as he encourages me to hit the trail and reminds me how good it will feel when I get out there. He never complains when I am gone at night training. Wearing my Team World Vision bracelet has been a conversation piece as I go to my patients' homes as a home health nurse.

I have to admit the motivation in starting this was to spend time with friends and get off my duff - hoping to get a habit formed that will continue past the triathlon. This has already gotten off to a great start. Then when Megan shared the Team World Vision concept and I got so excited. It seems there are lots of races out there, but we wanted this particular event to benefit other people, not just ourselves, and not just for self accomplishment. I am very excited to raise the money to supply a well for a village in Africa. As we bike up the trail it is great motivation to see the Team World Vision shirt in front of me and makes me work that much harder to get to the goal.

And here is an interesting tidbit we were sharing as we swam tonight...is it just irony or a sign from God - the hardest part thus far, for all of us it seems, is the swimming, isn't if funny that our biggest struggle takes place in and is related to water....the very thing we are working so hard to bring to familes and communities in Africa...we get it God..it is not about us,this is about doing good for your people and for your glory.

Tuesday, July 6

Alki Sunshine

We have been at a loss for sunshine and warm weather for here in the northwest for the months of May and June. Often we would look out side and think it was November. But at last the sun shone bright and so the boys and I joined some friends for the inagural trip to our favorite summer hang out. We hit Alki, in Seattle and enjoyed some serious sun and sand. The boys ran and played, buried one anther in the sand and then demanded our favorite part: fish and chips from Spud's. It was a great day and a fantastic way to kick off what appears to be a week full of super high temps. Hooray for sunshine.

Rowan sporting her super cute sun hat

Jack thrilled to be sitting in a pile of sand.

Max and Regan working hard on some sort of sand creation.

Truly enjoying their fish and chips. Ahh these fish loving boys make their mama proud.

Just two mom's catching some raise and enjoying the perks of being stay at home moms.

Wednesday, June 30

Delinquent Mom Episode Two

So with summer now in full swing the boys are enjoying their "free" time. The weather in our neck of the woods has not been cooperative thus far, but any time it is warmer than 60 degrees and the sun shines albeit for only a few brief moments the boys haul out the suits, goggles and sprinkler. They also spend a majority of their time asking for another otter pop...and who am I to say no. We purchased the Costco box and now my garge freezer has only a mere 351 left...oops...350. Last week cousin Madison came for day and the three kids had a blast in the yard all afternoon.

Another nod to summer and it's lovely unstructured self was the recent change in lyons boy hair care: they opted for mohawks at our last visit to Mrs. Johnson's house of hair. It was Jack that was the initiator, he opting first and then us saying why not and cutting Max's hair the same. But alas after a few days we have learned that Jack's hair is way to thick and heavy and not suited to the hawk. So now it is only Max with the do.

And yes, this summer we will be addressing Max and his so called smile. He has a fantastic unprompted smile that just screams Joy...but you ask the kid to smile and it is as if he is passing a stone....ugh.

Saturday Jack had his final baseball game and did a fantastic job. He really enjoyed himself this year and it was so great to watch. Making catches, learning positions and making great hits...so fun to see. He had a great time with his friend Jonathan from church being on his team and all the parents agreed that the coaches made this year a great success. Jack mind you thinks that this was the best year ever because he walked away with his biggest trophy yet.

But Jon and I agree that it was his coaches, a husband and wife duo, that make this year fun. They were great with the kids. Helped the kids to understand the game of baseball but also working to help each kid make progress wherever they were at. They were also super encouraging with their words, generous with compliments and helped kids to play up and and stay engaged in the game. We could not have been more thrilled.

So there are the happenings of summer thus far for the Lyons. Next week, have no fear the blog will be a blaze as we recount the day by day happenings of Family Camp. We are headed there today and look forward to sharing some pictures and stories very soon.

Also, Triathlon Tuesday will be back next week (drumroll please) with a special guest post from some of our team members. But if you just can't take the suspense and need something to tie you over, grab a beverage and maybe a snack and click here to view a video that was shown at our church last week. It is 25 minutes long but addresses how people at our church are hearing God challenge them to move to places of action when it comes to social justice. Our triathlon team is featured and addresses how and why we decided to take a triathlon on.

Tuesday, June 22

Deliquent Mom Episode One

Yes, I know I have been truly delinquent when it comes to blogging the everyday happenings of our family. The month of June has come and gone with amazing speed and I have found myself all kinds of busy. Please accept my apologies and take a minute (or 15) to catch up with what happened in our neck of the woods the first part of June.

Jack had long awaited Field Trip:
Yup, the big day came and Jack got to board the yellow bus with his special / field trip lunch packed in a personalized brown paper bag. He of course requested a lunchable...because, well he never gets them. Max and I followed the bus down to the zoo and when we met them at the front gate Jack had nothing but high praise for the bus riding experience.

Jack spent the day palling around with his best buddies from school: Roland, Cadence, Grady and Elijah. Those boys ran from exhibit to exhibit and truly wore themselves (and this mom) out. It was great way to say farewell to an excellent Kindergarten year.

Jack truly had a fantastic year at school. It is so amazing to see how much he has grown as a person and as a student. Jon and I could not have been more pleased with his teacher. She truly is one of those women who has the special ability to manage students, keep an organized classroom and most importantly get students excited about attending school, growing as learners and having fun in the process. Jack's whole staff at his school is terrific as well. We prayed long and hard about his first year of school and God brought us to the best place for our Jack and for our family. It was a good year.

Lots of Love for the Game:
Jack spent most of June honing his skills in baseball. This year he has truly loved the game and it is great to see him understanding more of the game. While we thought we signed up for t-ball, this is actually a combination of tball and coach pitch. The majority of the time Jack is hitting balls without the tee and oh, he gets so excited. Also, the kids are all taking turns at different positions and Jack really like to be catcher ( because of the gear) or 2nd base.

On the Home Front:
While it is summer, each day we are taking some time to "do school". And surprisingly Jack and Max are both on board. Maybe it is the suckers that they get. But whatever works right. We just want to make sure that we keep that mind sharp and Max loves to be involved in whatever Jack is doing.
Well more will come tomorrow....but for now there you go. A little glimpse....Just living everyday life and loving it.

Wednesday, June 16

Daddy takes us out!

Last night the family got to enjoy one of the perks of Jon's job. We got to attend the Premier of the new device called Kinect. This device allows you to play active games without a controller. The whole game is by your body. It is super cool. Microsoft rented out the Lincoln plaza Cinemas at Bell Square. When we arrived, they had us walk the "purple" carpet in front of the xbox banner and have our photos taken....if I had known, maybe Max would not have worn his orange socks. After our photo it was into the theater where we could help ourselves to anything we wanted from the concessions stand. The boys loved that. For dinner they enjoyed: Nachos, Iccee Slushies and Popcorn. Yup, good mom award for sure. Then we watched on the big screen a very cool performance by Cirque Du Soleil. As we left we given fantastic goodie bags with a ton of great stickers that Jack has already put up on his wall. The boys loved the night. They enjoyed all of it...and that has got to make a daddy feel good. Thanks Jon, for how hard you work and for letting us share in this fun with you.

Tuesday, June 15

Triathlon Tuesday: Excited to DO

So the whole team set out last night to put some miles on the bikes. We had a great ride and truly enjoyed ourselves. This morning our backsides are reminding us of the good time we had. Each of us commented as we were setting out how excited we were to be training. This had caught each of us by surprise because none of us are athletes. But lots factored into our excitement. The chance to push ourselves physically, to get spend time with one another but also and most importantly each of us is so excited about "DOING SOMETHING" to make our world better and to help families live FULL and HEALTHY LIVES. Below is a quick clip about how World Vision will use the funds we raise during our training and participating in the upcoming triathlon to build a well in an African community. Take a minute to watch how clean water transforms lives.

Our purpose in partnering with World Vision for this Triathlon is two fold: Awareness and Action. We hope that in our training, sharing with friends and Tuesday Blogging to bring the issue of water to people's attention. It is to big of an issue to be overlooked or ignored. And we hope that awareness prompts ACTION. If you would like to donate to our cause and help us raise the needed funds to build a well, and bring clean water to a community please click on the picture on the left side bar to place an online donation specificlly for our team. (water mama's of cedarcreek covenant church, maple valley.) We are so appreciative and thank you in advance. Any amount...event pennies can and WILL make a difference.

Tuesday, June 8

Swim, Bike, Ride.....OH MY...WHY?

Settle in folks here comes an extended post: I would like to introduce to you a new series of posts that will happen on Tuesdays called Triathlon Tuesdays. Maybe some of you have heard by now,(and are still hysterically laughing) but I have decided with a few friends to do my very first triathlon come September 26th. Why you might ask. Well that is a very good question with two answers.

1) I needed a little summer motivation when it came to working out, so why not do something completely outside my comfort zone.

2) I want to change lives! Yup. you read that right. My girlfriends and I are participating in this triathlon as part of a World Vision team. This means that as part of our training and participating we are also fundraising for Clean Water Wells in Africa.

See a couple of months ago I read and was radically challenged by a book called "The Hole in our Gospel." It was written by the president of World Vision and was an amazing book. As I turned every page I was challenged that I needed to do something. But what? What was I going to do to better be the hands and feet of Jesus and respond to the great need in our world. Jon and I have been long time supporters of World Vision and so appreciate the way that they work in communities to meet the most basic needs to give children and families the best life, life to the fullest. After reading the book I had lots of ideas, lots of things crossed my mind and a few different options were explored. But then as I was visiting World Visions website I learned about Team World Vision. Here athletes (or non-athletes like myself) can participate in events with the purpose of raising awareness and funds. My initial thought was that this is great for someone who is a runner...or an athlete...but not for me. Days past and I could not get it out of my head. What if I did that. What if I trained and participated and what if because of my efforts enough money was raised so that children and families in a village thousands of miles away from me could have clean, drinkable water. Clean water is something we take for granted. In communities around the world where clean water is not available children die from all manner of disease and from simple things like diarrhea. Every day, nearly 4,000 children die as a result of drinking unsafe water. Every 22 seconds a child perishes from waterborne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, and dysentery. Six million people are blind as a result of contaminated water and bacteria. The issue of clean water is one of the most powerful lessons I took with me from the book, and here with a simple triathlon I could possibly do something about it. And so...here we go. With a few girlfriends who have never done anyting like this before we are embarking on a summer of training, raising awareness and hopefully raising funds. While it will be a physical challenge for us we are so excited because it could mean life to the fullest to children around the world.It is our goal to raise $3,000 dollars. That is enough money to build a well for a village in Africa and change the lives of few hundred people. So here it is. A new Lyons Happening Blog Series: Triathlon Tuesdays. On Tuesdays I will report on our training, the lessons we have learned in the process as well as sharing with you some facts and figures about the water issue that I have learned through World Vision. Hope to see on Tuesdays.

Sunday, June 6

Wonderful Wedding Weekend

Jack and I enjoyed a road trip thursday-saturday we traveled to Summerland, Canada to participate in and celebrate our good friend Dana and Joe's Wedding. We are so thrilled for Dana and Joe. It was a beautiful ceremony and we are excited for them as they begin their life together. Jack and I had a fantastic time in Summerland. It was a beautiful place to to be. Here is a little photo diary of the events.

Thursday We said goodbye to daddy and dropped Max off at Nan's house and then headed to meet our caravan friends The Johnsons. By 8:15 we were on the road. The day was beautiful which made our drive so enjoyable. We stopped for lunch around 12 near Chelan. A little lakeside picnic lunch was just what we needed. Jack, Mia, Sam and Isaac got some good running in while Kenton, Gretchen and I enjoyed some sunshine.

Then it was back into the car for the long stretch. We crossed the boarder with no issue and made our way north to Summerland. We arrived, changed clothes and then Jack and I headed off with Joe and Dana wedding rehearsal. Jack was thrilled to ride shotgun with Joe.

We then partook of a tasty dinner with family and wedding party at a great Italian resturant that actually had a kids playset right outside. The kids spent most of their time outside which was great after a day in the car.

Jack and I were lucky enough to stay at Dana's parents house. What wonderful hosts they were. We truly enjoyed our time with Margie and Henry. (THANKS so much for your hospitality). Around 11:30 we finally called it a night and hit the pillows. A big day lie ahead.

Friday The sunny weather was gone and the rain poured but we were up and out by 8am for the Wedding Day Fun Run/Walk at the Tressel. Leave it to running enthusiests to think that this would be a great way to start the day. All the family members and wedding party gathered and walked the tressle and enjoyed (even in the rain) the beauty of Summerland. Then it was back to the house for brunch and setting up the reception tent.

After the tent was set Jack and I set out to grab some lunch and to aquire a piece of Canadian memorablila. Once our goals were met it was back to the house for Jack to rest, while sporting a hat of course and for me to "be there" for Dana. Dana and I hung out, got ready and I spent some time iroing clothes for the men. Gotta love photos of Dana and I with no make up.

Then the time came and wedding clothes were donned and it was off to the ornamental gardens for the ceramony. While rain had come and gone through out the day it was clear and a little sunny at the ceremony. Pastor Kenton did a fantastic job and the location was beautiful. Another highlight was that Jack was in charge of the rings. He took his job very seriously. After some photos were taken ( a link to the professional photos to come) it was back to the house for a reception. The day was exactly what Joe and Dana wanted with enough to make it special but also the right amount of being comfortable.

As the reception came to an end Jack and I headed with the Johnsons to watch the fireworks at a local park. The kids had a fantastic time sitting outside enjoying the show.

Saturday Jack and I awoke, got ready and sneaked out of a very quiet and tired house. We headed to the Canandian favorite, Tim Hortons for a doughnut and some coffee. Then we drove a round a bit enjoying a beautiful morning and then it was back to the house to pack up. It was at that point that I locked my keys in the car. UGH. But no worries, Dana's Dad and Brother (WHO ROCK) spent some time working some break in magic and Grandma Margie and I took Jack and the cousins downtown for the parade. When got home the keys were out, the car loaded, one more foot dip in the pond had and hugs and goodbyes given. Then Jack and I settled in for a the long drive.

This time Jack and I made our way home via Bellingham were we took a break to play with Auntie Kendra and Rawgo at beach. We streched our legs a little more, had a great dinner with Kendra and Travis at a local resturant and then into the car for the final stretch. We arrived home at 10:30 and laid an exhausted Jack in his bed.


We truly enjoyed our roadtrip and our weekend and are so greatful to Dana's parents for hosting us. We enjoyed meeting Joe's family and some of Dana's brothers and nieces and nephews. Thank you so much Dana and Joe for inviting us to be part of your special weekend. Much Love!

Tuesday, June 1

KA-CHOW | It's birthday time.

Well I have just finished sweeping mounds of fun-fetti cake crumbs off the floor and Max is fully engulfed in a few pile of toys. Oh it is good to turn 3!.

Today we celebrated Max's birthday with some of his little friends. He enjoyed a "Cars" theme birthday and loved his decorations and his cake. He and friends enjoyed the bounce house, playing play dough and lots of time outside. The moms enjoyed some good snacks and conversation. Thanks so much to all who shared in this afternoons party. Tomorrow night is party part 2 with the Grandparents.