Saturday, March 29

Just another day ......

Jack has himself one wild and vivid imagination. It is not unusally to have him greet us in the morning with his list of "projects" and activiites that he would like to do for the day. At our house we use a lot of hot glue, foil & paint sticks (is it wrong that I take a handfull each time I am at home depot even if I don't by paint?). We go through markers and paper like nobody's business- so much for being enviormentally friendly. Along with projects Jack likes to become the "whatever it is that day" by wearing a costume. This is sometimes difficult because the local costume store does not sell robot, pollenjock, or crown of thorn costumes. So he is left to create one himself. Thanks to he latest kids movie "The Bee Movie" becoming a "pollenjock" -those are the strong studdly bees who leave the hive and collect nectar and pollen- has become a daily event. It was the below photo op that made me relize that there is just to much craziness that happens in this house for me to keep to myself...I must share the shinanigans of our crazy little boy with you. (Yes, that is a bike helmet with a paper visor on his head and he is wearing a "nectar collecting" nerf gun on his back.) WHOSE KID IS THIS!

Sunday, March 23

Easter Rain

He is RISEN. It was a fantastic Easter day made up of all our favorite traditions. The morning started early with the Easter Bunny's arrival. He left a map that led to Jack's Easter basket. We enjoyed the Easter breakfast at church with all of our friends and after church we headed over to Mormor and Morfars house for Easter lunch.(yeah more food!) The house was filled with family and friends. Delicious food and great conversation was had. In line with tradition we had an egg hunt outside...this years twist:it was DUMPING BUCKET OF RAIN. The kids and the dads were fearless and the call of candy in plastic eggs were just to much. Clothes were soaked and much candy was found. It was a memorable hunt. What a fantastic day of celebration and family.

Watching the kids find eggs.
Cousin Madison and Jack checking out their haul.

Thursday, March 13

Adoption Update | No News, But HOPE

There is no news on the adoption front. We received a few new pictures of Max yesterday. He looks healthy and clean. He was sporting a fantastic little polo shirt, jeans (hiked up to his chest) and a sweet little belt. He is so freakin cute. Photos like this along with no news cause our hearts to ache. Most days the waiting is so frustrating.

The world of adoption and blogging have collided and for many months I have daily checked the blogs of a few other families who have been in the adoption process. Jon snickers as I check the blogs "of complete strangers". Yet to this mom they have been a source of encouragement and of strength. Adoptions ACTUALLY do happen eventually. One blog in particular has been so awesome as I read this mom's struggles and joys in bringing home a hurt daughter from china. Often she quotes a devotional she has been reading and gaining strength and encouragement from.

Yesterday I finally picked up "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young. It sat on the counter all day with out me cracking it open. This morning though after a good cry in the shower I poured a cup of coffee and sat down with the book. I must admit here that I have never been really good at "devotional" reading. But it was with an overwhelmed heart that I prayed before I cracked the book - "Lord, may I hear your words for me in my circumstance. Would you speak to me and help my to accept your words and live them in my day". Let me share with you (as if this blog could not get any longer....) what today's words were:

WAITING, TRUSTING AND HOPING are intricately connected, like golden strands interwoven to form a strong chain. Trusting is the central strand, because it is in response from My child that I (God) desire the most. Waiting and hoping embellish the central strand and strengthen the chain that connects you to ME. Waiting for ME to work, with your eyes on ME, is evidence that you really do trust ME. If you mouth the words "I trust You" while anxiously trying to make things go your way, your words ring hallow. Hoping is future-directed, connecting you to your inheritance in heaven. However, the benefits of hope fall fully on your in the present.
Because you are MINE, you don't just pass time in your waiting. You can wait expectantly, in hopeful trust. Keep your "antennae" out to pick up even the faintest glimmer of MY presence.
-Sarah Young

So there it is. The adoption update. We will just continue to WAIT, TRUST AND HOPE and we will keep our antennae out...for a glimpse or a glimmer.

Monday, March 10

Hiking Fun

Sunday afternoon we found ourselves with decent weather outside and a choice to make: stay home and do chores or get outside. And the winner was: GET OUTSIDE. We went on a hike with our friends the Johnsons. This was Jack's first hike. He did a great job. We enjoyed the hike, the beautiful scenery and good friends. After the hike was done and we loaded back into the car, Jack had nothing but positive comments. He can't wait for the next one. Yippee!