Sunday, January 31

Cooking Club

Well I am finally back on the blog (being ridiculed while off the blog was intense) with a little bit of fun to share. Last night Jon and I went to "cooking club". Really, it is just a glorified eating club at this point ....but we have big dreams. Last Night's menu was selected by Judy. Here is a little recap:

Portobello Stuffed with Corn and Mushrooms
Roasted Tomato Soup
Chicken Paillard with Creamy Parmesan Salad
Molton Chocolate Cakes with Raspberry Sauce

Dinner was hosted at our friends Benton and Judy's home and attended by us and two other couples. Each couple brought and prepared a course. Here are just a few fun pics from our fun and the super tasty food.

yummy tomatoes ready to roast and then made into a super tasty soup

portobello mushrooms ready to be stuffed

I was assigned to take a whack at some chicken breasts. It was my punishment for wearing such an unflattering shirt :)

Jon "tasting" and assessing his soup

Sherri a mess from dredging her chicken in panko crumbs

Susan, Judy and Jon hard at work with soup

Dinner is served. Yum. All of it was so delicious.

It was a great evening with friends.(Don, Benton and Chris, sorry your pictures didn't make the cut...but we enjoyed your company none the less) So much fun to be together, chatting, cooking and enjoying each others company. Another dinner is just weeks away because this is the group of people that Jon and I are headed to Italy with in September 2011. But no worries we are already gathering, planning and eating (of course).

Monday, January 18

Sleepover Success

Sunday night was rite of passage night for Jack. He hosted his first sleepover and it was a big success. His best pal Jonathan came and the boys played, enjoyed dinner and then it was pjs and movie time. True to big boy fun they watched "School of Rock" and snacked on brownies and apple slices. Then it was bed time and with a good amount of talking, but no tears the boys eventually called it a night. Have no worries, desperate to get the most play time out of their day....they made their way into our room at 5:10 am. Good Times. Way to Go Boys! Here is to many more sleep overs.

Thursday, January 14

Ode to Pop | Happy Birthday

What do you give a man who has everything...well everything worth about a little air time on the family blog. HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP. We love you, your grilling meat skills, your willingness to golf with Jon, your sharing wine tips with Meg and the way you lavish love and fun times on Jack and Max. Oh yeah, and we love your passion for sleeveless shirts. Have a great day. We are blessed to call you Pop!

Sunday, January 10

Surprise Man Fun

Oh the Lyons men are giddy, spring training for mariner's baseball is right around the corner and Jack and Jon are headed there. Yahoo. Last week while lunching with the mother in law I learned that there were rumblings of a trip down to Arizona to visit Grandma Shirley, Aunt Peggy and to attend Spring Training. Like any good wife/mom I immediately asked if "my boys" could go along too. We enjoyed our trip there when Jack was just a baby and I knew that Jack and Jon would have such a great adventure together.What a special dad and Jack time. Arrangements were made and yesterday morning we informed Jack that in a mere 60 days he would be getting on a plane, staying at a hotel, visiting grandma shirley and watching baseball up close and personal. He is so excited... (Jon is too). Now we have 60 days to get Jack indoctrinated with all things Mariner baseball.

Friday, January 8

Really, We might have to Homeschool.

Jack is back into the swing of school and here has not been one tear shed. Praise the Lord. He heads into each day with a good attitude and excited. Jon and I were excited for him to head back because we knew that learning to read and recognizing sight words were on the docket and Jack is ready. But after what happen yesterday, I don't know if I am ready...or approve of their methods.

Jack came home with a book he had written. He told me that the instructions were that were that he had to choose a character word from one row of cards ( dad, mom, sister, brother, dog, cat, bird, friend...) then he got to choose long words from another list. Simple and harmless enough, so it would seem. But this is what Jack brought home...careful some of these images and words are hard to take.

Yes, that is me strewn about my bed looking like I just awoke after along long night out and heavy on the sauce.
apparently he has learned , despite my best attempts, that I am motivated by food.
he appears happy with his (lying,false,horrible) description of his mother..look at that smug little smirk.

Where was the teacher? Why didn't she stop this? Me LAZY MOM...I think not ( most of the time ). Ugh I was devastated. We cannot not have this kind of rubbish hanging on the fridge. Jack on the other had thought it was Hysterical...absolutely the funniest thing ever. Here is to having the family's dirty laundry aired...via the Kindergarten writer.

Monday, January 4

Movin' On Up

It's a big bed for Max. That is right, we have released the beast and have our fingers crossed that it was the right call. Max was very excited to see the new bed and excited about his new blanket. I have no concerns about bed time...naptime on the other hand may be a different story. Only time will tell. *Oh and that crazy look on Max's face, yeah that is his smile...we are working on that*