Wednesday, October 24

Preschool Field Trip | Pumpkin Patch

Today was Jack's first official preschool field trip. We spent the morning at Spooner Farms in Sumner. It was a fantastic farm. We visited and sang songs with "Annie Oakley" then we rode the cow train to the pumpkin patch. We met a few goats and ponies there and Jack selected a wonderful pumpkin. After that we wondered through the hay maze which proved to be lots of fun. Finally we ended our time with a delicious snack. It was so much fun to see Jack pal around with the kids from his class and to spend time to get to know the other moms.

Tuesday, October 23


Today Jack asked me if he could put something on our blog. so here you go. this is an exact quote and the picture that he chose:

" Hi Dad. It is your real birthday day. Happy birthday. Mom and me made you a heart brownie. I got to lick the spoon. I like you a lot. I really, really, really, really, realllllllllllllllllllly love you. I like you when you wrestle me and play take down. Happy birthday dad. See you tonight. You are picking me up at Nan's house. I am bringing my golf clubs. Love you. Your friend Jack" - Jack

How cute is this post. I am one smiley mom\wife.

Saturday, October 13

Friday Night Football

This Friday we took in a bit of local sport. We joined some friends as they cheered on their son in his high school football game. We bundled up and joined the enthused (and wee-bit crazy) fans as Kent Meridian took on Kentwood. Jack loved watching the game (and the eating the bag of candy that mommy packed). Each time the crowd would cheer he would ask "Did we win?". KM did not win, but the game and the evening were fun anyways!

Monday, October 8

Pumpkin Day

It sure felt like fall today. Outside our home leaves fell from trees. It was sunny but crisp and it smelled like autumn. Jack and took advantage of the day's theme by carving and decorating this years pumpkin plucked from Morfar's very own pumpkin patch. We scrapped out the insides and then used small lights and hammered them into the pumpkin. We placed a candle inside and now our pumpkin glows brightly with a bat. We also roasted pumpkin seeds, planted pumpkin seeds and baked pumpking bread. Finally we decorated Jack's room for fall/halloween. We had a blast. I think we have met our domestic quota for the month!

Saturday, October 6

Jack's Wish

We have spent most of our Saturday the way we usally do. We went to costco, ate lunch, went to the library and played drums in the playroom. It was here in the playroom that we took a surprising twist. I was playing the drums, Jack was rocking out on the guitar and singing. Suddenly he stopped and looked at me. I said "what Jack?". After a long pause he said "sometimes, just a little bit, I wish Mrs. Johnson was my mommy." I played it cool and said "Oh really? why?". He responded with " Because Mrs. Johnson knows how to play 'Eye of the Tiger' for real on the drums. and she knows all the words". I simply responded with "you are right ..Mrs Johnson knows how to play some rocking drums..I sometimes wish , just a little that she was my mommy too." Jack laughed and then matter of factly delivered a final blow, "Mom you are to old to have a mom". He is one funny kid. He never ceases to amaze us with his comments. PS* Gretchen ( Mrs. Johnson) , thanks to you and your excellent drumming skills I no longer have to play the saturday morning drums :)

Friday, October 5

Adoption Update: Max 4 months old today

Well friends, today Max turns four months old. He continues to be in excellent health physically and developmentaly. He remains in the care of a great foster family for whom we are greatful. The adoption situation in Guatemala is hectic and a consent rollercoaster. Big and potentially negative changes are happening right now. We continue to covet your prayers not only for Max but for all Guatemalan adoptions. With many changes happening in Guatemala we are asking you to join us as we pray for some very specific things:

1) We are in prayer for a Divine Timeline for our paperwork
2) An excellent lawyer to be an advocate for our family and for Max,who knows all the ins and outs of Guatemalan adoptions
3) Peace for our family as we ride the ups and downs of this process.

We know that God is good. Good all of the time. Thanks so much for all of your prayers, support and friendship in this journey.

Monday, October 1

Happy Birthday Jack!

This Saturday, the one and only Jack Garrett Lyons turned the big 04. I cannot believe how time flies. He is such a kid. We celebrated his birthday in Pirate Style. Complete with grandparents and family dressed from head to toe in pirate garb. We played pirate games, ate pirate tacos (what??) and had a flaming pirate birthday cake. We are so appreciative of our family and friends gathering with us to celebrate this special day. By now you may be where are the pictures of all the pirate shinanigans...well the party was so much fun that I never made it to my camera. UGGHH! so as we gather pictures from families and friends we will make sure they get posted.