Saturday, April 26

Opening Day of T-Ball

The sun shone bright and the breeze was sweet for this our first day of T-Ball.Jack was so excited to put on his tangerine colored "splice communications" t-shirt and his stylish parks and rec hat for this big day. Jon and Jack have been hard at work honing the skills and today we would see Jack in action. Another fun and yet crazy aspect to this years season is that Jon and I are coaching the team (by default). We must admit that we were a little timid going into today's game but all and all we did a great job. Jon was so fantastic with each kid and other dads stepped into help. Our team did great. There were no tears and everyone had fun. We are off to a great start.

Friday, April 25


What do you get when you take a beautiful spring night, a bike fest in bellingham and our favorite residents travis and kendra?

A much anticipated engagement.Yeah!

Congrats and much love to Auntie Kendra and "Uncle" Travis, engaged in true bellingham style tonight, April 25. We are so excited for them to share their lives together.

Saturday, April 19

Dinner : Jack Style

Jack enjoys watching Jon or I cook. And with his growing Independence he has been asking if he can make his meals. We have started slowly with things like cereal or toast. This week though Jack wanted to make a whole meal and so I succumbed to kitchen chaos and made his "dreams" come true. He did all of the tasks that did not include heat. First he decided what we would have : "Fried" Chicken, Corn and Peppers and Biscuits with Jam. I sent him around the kitchen to collect all ingredians. Watching him haul the costco bag of frozen corn in from the garage freezer was quiet amusing. Jack chopped the peepers with great delight and precision. He prepared the fried chicken with all the panache of Emeril himself.(our floor could attest to that) Finally since Jack tends to be unconventional we had square biscuits instead of round. He found great delight and much pride in his end result. For Jack it was a great night, for mom, I am thinking that this could be the start of a beautiful thing.

Thursday, April 17

Weekend Recap

Since the next weekend is fast approaching I thought that I best post our sun soaked pictures from last weekend. The sun busted out in all of it's glory last Saturday and so this family hit the zoo. We packed a lunch, threw our very white legs into shorts and then joined every other family in Washington at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. The weather was beautiful, the animals were out in all their frisky"ness" and we very much enjoyed our family time. We really cannot give the PD Zoo enough good press. The have a beautiful facility, great animal habitats and fantastic zoologist that are very helpful and informative. All in all a great weekend.

Thursday, April 10

Yippppeeeee....The wait is over!

If only the post title had something to do with our adoption. But alas it does not.. Finishing a very close second though (and in this whole stupid crazy waiting game known as adoption we have had to shift gears and hope for smaller more tangible goals then a child that we love being placed in our home before he is 10 | says the mommy sarcastically :)....our long, drawn out and painful wait for fantastic televising to return to Thursday nights is over.

Tonight THE OFFICE returns in all of it's glory to NBC at 9:00 tonight. At our home the half an hour leading up to The Office is a hustle and bustle with getting all of our chores, emails, and nightly tasks done. Come 9:00 a hush falls over our room. Jon and I sit in our respective places in complete silence. As soon as the show starts our room erupts with laughter and tears of hysteria fall from our eyes. During this half my lovely husband finds all the joy and laughter that will then carry him through the next week. Watching Jon watch The Office is like watching a little boy at a baseball game. He is full of awe and smiles. Oh..Thursday is a good night.

Monday, April 7

Adoption Update : PGN

We are thrilled to let you know that we received an email today informing us that our case re--entered PGN. Just as a little refresher : PGN is the final paperwork loophole that we have to jump through. Our time there could be a few weeks or a few months. After we leave PGN then we wait about 6 weeks and then travel to get Max. We cannot express how much we have appreciated your prayers thus far in the journey. We have experiences many emotions and feelings during this process and knowing that we have the prayer support of our family and friends serves as such a strength on the days that we feel like this will never happen. On that note we continue to ask for prayer. We pray that our paperwork will stay in PGN. That there will be no issues of any kind. We will keep you posted. Until then much love and thanks.