Thursday, April 22

Two of Max's Favorite Things

I so love Max. The kiddo bring me laughs and joy each day. To continue with this weeks blog focus on Max lets highlight a few of Max's favorite things.

1. Max loves to eat. While this could be a problem, this kid by choice loves to pick a snack from the fridge on his own and he always chooses something healthy. He LOVES peppers, and will eat them like an apple. He also pears, cucumbers, yogurt, turkey, cheese, snap peas, olives and bananas.

2. Max loves to read. He reads all the time and is super intent at looking at the pictures and talking about the pictures.

3. Max loves to dress himself. From shirt to shoes, it is all about choosing what he wants to wear, and he will change his clothes through out the day. Currently he is especially loves some plaid slip on shoes and his starwars shirt.

4. Max has discovered the joy of puzzles. He takes great pride in doing them the first tiem with you.....but then only by himself. He will stand at the kitchen counter and doing puzzle after puzzle, again intently looking and talking about the pictures. His new hobby sure makes things like making dinner and kitchen chores a lot easier. Now that he is entertianed.

5. Max loves his friends. He has begun to name his friends, talk about his friends and you can get him to put shoes on in no time if you tell him that one of his friends are going to be their.

Max is a Joy! How stinking lucky am I to call him son.

Tuesday, April 20

A Little Blog Time for Max

Last week the blog was all about Jack. So this week in fairness to Max our posts will be about him. On Tuesday morning we set out to mix up our routine and joined some friends at Kidz Bounce. A warehouse full of inflatables. Max enjoyed himself and being with friends....but then after twenty minutes he got a little snugly and clingy...I figured he was just tired so I made the kid keep bouncing. Max and Regan always have a good time together.

Our buddy Regan
Max has a little crush on Rowan...and why not...she is too cute.

But now we are home, and Max asked to take a rest (a total rarity) and the poor kid is sporting a fever and cannot get enough of mommy. So onto cuddling, cups of OJ and lots of reading books!

Wednesday, April 14

Epic Week for Jack

Seriously how much big kid stuff can a mom handle in a week? First the riding the bike all by himself and now....his first lost tooth. Tuesday night Jack showed us that in fact his lower tooth was a little wiggly. By the time he walked out of class on Wednesday afternoon that tooth was full on ready to fall out. ( I am convinced and truly grossed out to know that his little hands were in his mouth all day just yanking and tugging on that tooth). Shortly after we got in the car to head home from school he exclaims from the back seat " I pulled it out!" Yup. The tooth is out. Now Jack lays awake far past his bed time waiting for the tooth fairy to come....... this has been a big week for Jack and it only Wednesday!

Monday, April 12

Look Mom....I'm a Maniac!

Yup, those were the words out of Jack's mouth when he realized that I had let go and in fact he was riding his bike all by himself. Oh, it is a big day.
Last summer we took the training wheels off of Jack's bike and Jon and Jack tried their hand at learning to ride. But fall came and the bike hit the garage. No more practice. Sunday though, we brought the bike out in the sunshine and Jon and Jack again hit the street for some much improved practice. He was so close. Today though, Jack who stayed home to nurse a low grade fever eventually needed a little activity so we headed outside and jack asked if he could try the bike. Okay, I said. I held on the back, ran along slide and then let go.... I then began to run parralle to Jack and talked with him. Then all a sudden he realized he was doing it on his own and shouted out " look mom, I am a maniac ". That was all it took. From then on he just needed a good shove an doff he went....down the street..smiling and pedaling his little heart out. It is going to be a great summer. Now just to locate and obtain bikes for the rest of the family.

Tuesday, April 6

Yeah Fun in the Sun

Jack had monday and tuesday off this week and so in typical lyons family fashion one of those days was spent "roadtriping". It was off to Bellingham for the day and the result was a fantastic, beautiful day with lots of fun outside. My mom and our little friend Scarlett came along and we got to meet Aunt Lois there for a time too.

We had some lunch, visited Kendras' office and store at Habitat for Humanity and then it was off for the adventure. We visited a great nature preserve with lots of trails, a few animals to visit, a park and a couple of towers to climb.

After that it was back to Kendra's house for the youngest kiddos to nap, Jack played on the computer (hey the kid was on vacation) and mom, kendra and I siped coffee and played some games. Then it was dinner time, a little glass of wine on the front porch and one last round of fetch with Rawgo the dog. Then it was in the car and homeward bound. Thanks for a great day Kendra.