Wednesday, July 29

"Cool" Cabin in the Woods

With the weather here being in the 100's we have been seeking alternative locations to spend our day other than our house. Today we were lucky enough to be invited to our friend becca's cabin - in the woods - right along the river - enough said. We were there. As we pulled out of Maple Valley at 11:00 this morning the car temp read 93....when we pulled into the wooded respit of Becca's cabin the car temp said 82, ahh sweet relief. We enjoyed a day of playing in the woods, mom's relaxing on the porch and then cooling off in the river. Jack was fearless when it came to the river and would ride with any adult who would take him. Max even enjoyed the tube once. The river was frigid...but oh so refreshing. What a great day. Thanks Becca for once again opening your cabin.

As fantastic as our day was...all the cool of the river wore off as we pulled into our drive way were the car temp read as follows:

Yes, my friends that reads 106...IN FLIPPIN' Washington...I don't think so.

Sunday, July 26

Stay-cation Day Six | Hike

On Saturday to beat the heat we hit the mountains. We invited my parents to join us as we hiked to Denny Creek and the "Waterslides". It is a great place on the river. There were lots of people. We enjoyed a picnic on the large rocks then we hit the water. Jack and Jon explored all over, even climbing up to the waterfalls. Max enjoyed splashing in the water and throwing rocks. What a great way to finish off staycation and to beat the heat.

Stay-cation Day Five | Dump Day

It is Lyons family tradition that every vacation envolves a dump day. A day when we clean out the garage. Friday was the day and it was great. The garage looks fantastic- thanks jon for all your hard work. Jon and Jack were able to take pop's truck, load it up and take a little trip to the dump. Jack loves helping when it comes to using the truck and loves getting to spend time with just dad in the truck. To cap off a day of hard work they both enjoyed an icee....ah sweet. Good work, Good fun.

Stay-cation Day Four | Golf

While there are not images to capture the action of day four it was a great one. In the morning we had Grandma Shirley to the house to enjoy scones and coffee. Then shortly after noon Jon hit the links with his dad. Always a fan of spending time with his dad he also loves golfing. When they made it to the 18th hole the rest of the family was there to watch. Then we all had dinner at the club. Day four, a good day.

Thursday, July 23

Stay-cation Day Three | Safeco and City Day

We originally had planned on hiking on Wednesday, but when we realized that the weather was going to be super hot this weekend we decided to go then. So we set out to find a city fun alternative. We headed to our local ballpark Safeco field and partook of the super cool ball park tour. We got to learn neat facts, visit normally off limit areas and we even got to go down onto the field. All the boys (jon included) had a great time. After the tour we had lunch in the city and then just before heading home Jack took a few (hundred) passes through the waterfall tunnel at Westlake Center. It was a beautiful day in the city.

Stay-cation Day Two | Bowling

Tuesday we met Nan, Pop and Grandma Shirley at the bowling alley for a little bowling bonanza. We went to a great facility for families with awesome bumpers, light balls and a ball ramp. Jack loved it and totally got into each of his turns. Max and Grandma Shirley enjoyed some fruit snacks and time together. Jon and his dad tied, and Robin and I realized that bowling is not for us. After bowling we headed to the Olive Gardent (one of Shirley's favorites) for a little lunch. A great stay-cation day in deed.

Tuesday, July 21

Stay-cation Day One | The Zoo

Jon is on vacation this week and we decided to stick around from some local fun. Monday we set out to enjoy a family favorite with a few new added attractions : THE ZOO. The weather was beautiful so it was a great day to walk leisurly around the zoo. There is a new exhibit that Jack was totally psyched about...Camel Rides. With very little coaksing Jack hopped aboard a camel for a little jaunt around. He did a great job.

Next is was off to visit the Bidgies. Beautiful and Bright colored birds that flew all about. If you patiently held out a little feed stick they would land and snack right in front of you.

After a long hot day of zoo-ing it was off to the playground portion where they have a sprinkler park. The boys cooled off and Max truly enjoyed himself.

Then back into the car...and 15 minutes into the drive...boys were asleep.
The oh so thrilled mom and dad who know that an early bedtime will take place tonight. Yippee. (Jack loves to man the camera)

Ahh, day one of stay-cation a success. Tomorrow : Bowling Mania.

Monday, July 20

Weekend Recap

This last Saturday was packed full of fun. To start the day off Jack and I recieved a phone call from Morfar offering us tickets to the local raceway which was holding drag races. Jack and I jumped at the chance so in no time at all we were in the car (leaving Max and Dad at home) We enjoyed a day of LOUD cars, lots of sun and good mom and Jack time.

Soon after we returned home we left again (this time with Max and Dad) to the long awaited Family BBQ where the boys would have the opportunity to meet Grandma Shriley. Jon's Grandma made her way up to visit from Arizona and we were so excited to see her. We had a great time, good food, and Pop had even ordered entertainment, a fantastic Magician who had Jack captivated. It was a great evening.

Monday, July 13

Latin Flair when He Fits

After being two for a month Max has hit the switch and decided to embrace his two-ness whole heartedly. The fits and tantrums have ramped up big time.

The littlest thing can set off a tyraid like no other. Max appears to be the kind of kiddo who just needs to let it all out (in a dramatic fashion) and then go about his business. Last week after throwing a fit about something minor I sent Max to sit on the bottom step, as per our routine. I returned to the kitchen and soon noticed that the noise of unhappiness was getting farther away. I followed the sound and found Max lying face down in our upstairs bathroom. There he continued his fit. I snapped a picture and then informed him that when he was done crying he could join us downstairs. 5 minutes latter Max appeared in the kitchen with a smile and a simple "hi mom". He was done and ready to move on.

Sunday, July 5

Oooo....Ahhhh | Happy 4th of July

In a word our fourth of july was: Low Key . (I guess that is two words)but it was just right for us this year. The boys are both running low grade temps and recovering from the roadtrip pandemonium and I (meg) am having a little back pain flare up, so low key was fine by us. Our morning was leisurely, Jon made his salsa, I made a tasty avocado,corn and blackbean dip, and then come 2 we headed to the Lyons for a little family bbq. As always tasty food was served, the kids got to play with cousin Madison, Jon and Jeff challenged one another to rounds of badmittion and we devoured Pop's famous "ice cones". We headed home around 6 for our own "fireworks" show. We set out a blanket in the front yard and Jon took is place on the sidewalk with the lighter. Now mind you, the works would have been much more of a wow had we waited till it was dark, but we need the boys to be in bed on time. And despite the sun still shining the boys were impressed with the show. After that it was off to bed for the boys, Mom and dad relaxed with books, and enjoyed the INSANE light and bomb-sounding display that our neighborhood puts on. All in all a great 4th.

While Jack loved the box...he was super nervous that this firework would be to loud. Luckily for him...we were all disappointed.

Max totally got into doing sparklers. I have a feeling that he may be our pyro.

Wednesday, July 1

Wonderful Roadtrip - Yet Again.

This last week the boys and I set out once again with my mom for a roadtrip getaway to California. We went to California to spend time with Fred and Georgeann. Longtime friends, my mom and Georgeann went to elementary school together. Their house is great for kids with the pool and three fantastic animals for the boys to enjoy: a dog, a chicken and a turtle. Good Times.


We left on thursday morning around 9:30 with the intention to drive as far as we could get and then stop off at a hotel. The boys did such a stellar job. Once again I was wowed by my kiddos and their go with the flow attitudes. We stopped in Medford, OR for dinner around 6, then back into the car. We drove to my favorite town, Yreka, CA for some ice cream and it was there that we decided why not just throw the boys in PJS and drive through the night. So we did. We stopped at 10:00 and put the boys in jammies, handed Max his blanket and milk, and we were off. We pulled into our destination: Danville, CA at 1:45am, quietly unloaded the boys and it was to bed for a very tired mom and mormor.

We awoke ready to do what we came to do: SWIM so into the pool we went. Jack was once again in his element. He is a fish. He jumped off the side a ton and was so proud of all his water accomplishments. Max was a little hesitant at first , but the security of his life jacket and the pool steps soon had this little guy in the water and splashing about. Our day was great. Relaxed and around the house was just what we needed after our day of driving.

After a long hard day of poolside fun on friday the boys and I were ready for a little adventure. Our fantastic hosts Fred and Georgeann took us all to San Fransisco. We rode the BART train which the boys loved, then we walked (a lot) around pier 39. The sun was hot, but being along the water was so beautiful and just the kind of activity that we needed. Jack walked so much that day and had a fantastic attitude. Max was lucky enough to be passed around by the adults. After much fun and sun, we headed home with tired boys....who retired early while the adults got to enjoy some tasty dinner.

The day was HOT...105.... so poolside was where we were. Enough said.

Since we were in the area Mom and I decided to take a little trek to see my good friend from jr. high and her mom. They just happen to live a half hour away from where we were staying so that was great. We ventured to Amy's house, met her kiddos and then we took the kids to her local park/sprinkler park to play. The boys had a blast. Then we ventured to Amy's mom's house for lunch and so the "moms" could talk.Around 4 we headed back to the Kurtz house to swim one last time. Then we put the boys to bed early, and then mom and I packed up.


Come 5:30am we were on the road and homeward bound. With Starbuck and a doughnut to start us off we drove till about 11:00. Then atop mount shasta we stopped at the famous Black Bear Diner for brunch. Tasty as always, it filled our bellies and it was off we went. Around 3 or so we stopped to feed the boys again, then back on the road. The boys did a great job. A few minor sibling spats occurred, but nothing different then what occurs everyday in our living room. We were home and in our own beds at 11:00.

Once again, I had a great time with my boys,with my mom and with our friends The Kurtz family. Thanks so much Georgeann and Fred for opening your home to us, Already Jack is talking about the next time.....