Friday, January 30

Finally an Update: He Excelled!

Our internet has been wonky and so here is the much anticipated update on the eye appoinment drama : Tuesday Jack and I set out on a special Mom and Jack day that centered on the much anticipated and anxiety inducing optical visit. It is with great pleasure and a twinkle that only a mommy can hold that I inform you that Jack endured the long visit and the eye drops like a true champ. Also here is a public shout out to the fantastic people at NW pediatric eye care in Redmond. I was truly impressed by their facility, staff and approach to kiddos and eyes. Jack was put at ease the moment we walked in the door. The result of the appointment led to no glasses for Jack just yet. While a little disappointed he was quickly amused by the crazy sunglasses he received. After our appointment Jack and I shared a special lunch at our favorite Red Robin. Since we were so close to Jon’s office he said that we could imposed on the ever demanding number crunching and analysis world and pay him a visit. Jack loved every minute of it: the badge, the cool xbox hallways, hanging with dad and playing on his oh so cool white boards. There he drew detailed pictures for dad of all the eye equipment that he had encountered that day. As far as Jack and I are concerned it was a great day.

Tuesday, January 27

SPARKS...never a good way to start the day.

My morning began like any other, Grooming and primping admist the ceral pouring and parenting. My hair was tightly wrapped around the barrel of my curing iron in hope of attaining the pefect little quaf while in the other hand sipped from my coffee mug. (See, when important- i multi task).When all of a sudden I heard a pop and looked into the mirror. I noticed that tiny bright orange sparks were flying along with popping sounds and now the faintest smell of burning. I quicky attemped to drop the curling iron - hair still attached unfortunatley. It fell to the floor where it continued to spark and smoke. With coffee still in my hand and now a much hurting head- that use to hold beautiful locks of hair- I unplugged it from the wall. It appears that i will be making a trip to purchase a new curling iron....and that I will be sporting a terrible half pulled up poney tail as I go about my day. We are off to a rockin start.

Monday, January 26

Anticipating a Freakshow

Tomorrow we are scheduled to take Jack to his first optometrist appointment. Over the past week he has awoken every morning asking " it today?". A sense of disappointment fills his little being when I inform him that he will have to wait. His enthusiasm and anticipation had me relieved. You see, Jack tends to be a little anxious with new situations. I expected it to be the same with this. But alas he is excited. He has even gone as far as to draw a picture of himself with glasses on.(Surprisingly it glasses also bring on facial hair and an afro) Last night he even prayed that he would get glasses. All of this excitement though will fade and tomorrow I expect a freak show and here is why: Today I was reading through the "before you come" materials and it mentioned that if this is your first visit they will dialate the child's eye. This will pose a problem. Jack has an irrational/yet very real to him fear of eye drops. When we had slime eye back in September and had to do drops daily, it always resulted in tears, much sobbing, and occasionally shaking uncontrollably. Why I did not think of this earlier I have now I idea. Ugghh. So now I sit. Conflicted. Do I inform and prepare him for the happenings at the office tomorrow or do I play dumb and act surprised and shocked when the time comes. We can only wait and see. Even as I type, I shake a little and can feel little beads of nervous sweat on my head. This kiddo and his anxiety..where does it come from?

Tuesday, January 20

Obama and the nose hole

This morning in an attempt to instil culture and history in the boys we gathered around the ol' tv to watch the inaguration. Now from day one Jack has been an Obama fan. Mostly I think because of the name...and Jack is convinced that he is a giant (due to his tall stature). Moments before the president elect was presented in front of that unbelievalbly monstrous crowd, Jack in his excitement gathered up some stuffed animals to share in the history as well. He chatted excitedly with them. I enjoyed my coffee and held my breath...awaiting history. Now I love all the traditon of the inauguration. I had been so looking forward to this morning. The pomp, the circumstance, hours of endless Brokaw - what could be better. And now the moment had come, me taking in all the tv sights, gathered with my boys (and their animals). As Jack sat beside me with his eyes locked on the television, he quietly pointed out to me that one of his stuffed animals was so excited to see Barack Obama come on the stage that he had curled himself up into a tiny ball. Jack held him tightly with both hands. Suppossedly the stuffed animal wanted to explode and fly up in the air the minute Obama walked through the doors. I snicked to myself and then put my attention back on the event at hand. A minute later in a sweet, quiet, matter of fact voice, with eyes still locked Jack said "Hey mom, my hands are so full holding him tight, could you put your finger up my nose hole? I have a booger." ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! In this historic moment, my child is matter of factly asking me to pick his freakin' nose because his hands are to busy holding a stupid stuffed animal into a furry ball. I wanted to scream "I THINK NOT SON". But rather, I quietly told him: " Why don't I hold the stuffed can go to the bathroom and pick your OWN nose". Ahhh....the momentous and mundane all in one day. This is the life.

Saturday, January 17

And the winner is ....MAX

From the day I told people that I was pregnant with Jack, I began to get comments that included words likes: boys, rough, ER, wounds, breaks, stitches. This whole 5.5years of motherhood I have waited for that time. When would it be my turn to be inducted into the "Mommy at the ER with her Boy" Hall of Fame. Alas, my day finally came. And the person responsible for the visit: MAX, the outcome: STITCHES.

Friday was a busy day. The boys and I returned home from our Costco shopping, Jack settled into read a book, Max ran back and forth from family room to play room, chattering and yelling with afternoon/miss your nap glee. As per my custom, I pulled the garbage can out of the pantry and placed it by the open fridge. I began to clear out the fridge. I then turned to place a dish from the fridge on the counter next to the sink. When I turned back around I found Max dumpster diving. He was up to his elbows in the garbage. I was annoyed with a smirk on my face. This kid loves trash. I reached for his hand and noticed that it was resistant to come out of the depths of the can. I then noticed that his right index finger was trapped securely in partially open can of black beans. We pulled his arm and the can out of the trash ..but there was no way to get his little finger out without incident.( Skip gross part). His little finger eventually came out and was sliced diagonally from one side to the other...and it BLED. We washed it off, made a call to a "medical" friend and surmised that we would need to jot down to urgent care. Max only cried when I tried to wrap his finger in a dish towel. (you know to protect my carpet and my clothes..) If he could look at his gapping wound and the blood then he was fine. With Max on my hip, my purse over my shoulder and his little hand wrapped in a large towel I told Jack to grab his shoes we needed to go to the ER. Jack lost it. He began freaking out and crying....he didn't ant to go. He didn't want to see the wound. He didn't want to be with the sick people. After a little negotiation and me at one point using a firm voice to remind him" you are not hurt. you don't get to be the freak show. only max can". We eventually made it into the car. As we pulled out of our neighborhood Jack suggested that we pray for Max. I of course said yes. Jack began to say a sweet prayer and then he screamed..."don't get your blood on me...i am praying for you".

We arrive at Multicare, walk in, and were seen fairly quickly. Jon's mom met me there to graciously sit with my anxiety ridden older child. (Thanks Robin). Max and I were taken back and seen by a nurse. She cleaned, touched and looked at the wound while a completely cool and collected Max was content to sit and watch. The said we would probably need stitches, so it would be about 1 hour before the doctor would be in. She told me to try and keep it wrapped and clean. She then left and Max and I began our waiting shenanigans. We played hide and seek under the paper blanket, we eat fruit snacks, played racing games with a car and camera phone fun..hence the bad photos. The only thing we didn't do: keep his finger wrapped. Any time I tried to cover up the wound, Max would cry. He wanted to look at it in all it's glory.

After awhile the doctor and a "strong" nurse came in. They talked me through the procedure and gave me the "mom, there will be a lot of crying and wiggling on his part we need your help to reassure him and hold him still. I laid with him on the bed bracing myself for the screams. Max lie perfectly still, watching every part of the procedure. Not one scream was uttered, not one tear made its way to his eye. He cheeks got flushed and his little heart beat faster, but that was the extent of it. The doctor and the nurse were amazed. Max and all the hubbub only required two little stitches and for it is wrapped tight. When all was said and done we said good bye. Max will sucker in hand and a sticker on his shirt walked out of the er like nothing ever happen.

So there it is. My inductee moment. Max, and his curious, adventurous little self may be a frequent flyer at the local urgent care....but if the cool and calm are his demeanor then bring it on.

Monday, January 12

Winter Program

When snow hit our state in December, we responded like typical Washingtonians: we shut everything down. This resulted in way to many days without preschool and with the rescheduling of the much anticipated Christmas program. But have no fear, with all back to normal the program was held last Friday night. Jack had requested "handsome" clothes...and mommy could not say no to fashion so he wore his kahkis, dress shirt, tie and sweater vest. He looked (and felt) so great.

We were dazzled and impressed by his classes performace. It was short, sweet, well organized and the kids did great. Max was silent the whole time. It certainly had his attention. Kudos to his school. It was an impressive show for sure.* as far as preschool shows go*

Jack requested that the grandparents be present...and they were. Oh, how lucky are we that they live so (sooooo) very close and can share in stuff like this.

Aunt Aly even got to join us for the evening. Jack loved having her there.

When all was said and done it was a great night. Here in our attempt at a family picture you can see Jack telling Max that cake and juice await.....skip family memories...bring on the sugar.

Thursday, January 8

It's 6:45 am ....

...what are you doing? This is how we spent our first two hours today.

Max is fearless and Jack loves fun thus we have spent many a morning/afternoon/evening couch jumping. They have such a great time building up the pillows and then knocking them down. Just another typical Thursday.

Tuesday, January 6

How we entertain ourselves

For the last few weeks there have been obvious favorites when it comes to how they spend their time and entertain themselves.

Jack is determined to singlhandedly destroy the rainforst (sorry gore & decaprio). He has taken a great interest in drawing books. He will select paper, staple the daylights out of the sides, and then sit down to illustrate. He currently is drawing "comic" books about Starwars, Indiana Jones and Pokemon. We love his creativity, his imagination, and his sitting still for long periods of time.

Max on the other had, still in destructo mode has found that if he removes the drawers from our craft caddy he can wear them as shoes. He places his feet in the cheap Ikea boxes and then slides and walks all over the house. He has amazing balance. He laughs so hard if he falls or looses one. Then he is back at it again.
***And look...a little smirk... he is working on smiling on cue***