Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween

The day finally came. The one we anticipated all month. Yeah Halloween. Our morning started with Jack attending his preschool harvest party in costume while mom and Max went to ladies Bible study. After school we went to costco to pick up a few last minute items for our trick-or-treat party. Come 5:30 the house was ready to welcome guests. We hosted our annual trick-or-treat party. Families and Friends come for a casual drop in dinner and then come 6:45 we all head out to be treated by the neighborhood. The kids were so excited and made a great haul. It is so fun to share this experience with our friends. Thanks to all that joined us. (and a special shout out to Dana who "womaned" the door while we were out with the kiddos.

Thursday, October 30

Falls and Foliage

This mornings we ventured to one of our favorite spots Snoqualmie Falls. The drive to the falls is so beautiful with all the changing leaves this time of years. Jack was so excited to show Max the falls. He told me all morning " They don't have snoqualmie falls in Guatemala".Of course when we got to the falls Max had fallen asleep. (he has four teeth coming in and the nights have been a little rough) But have no fear our friends Becca and Annabelle came along with us and so they set out with Jack to play. When Max woke up we went for a walk around the falls. Later we visited a local park and the kids played hard. To finish up our afternoon we had lunch at our favorite taco bar. It was a fantastic "Halloween Eve-Day". Hopefully all our hard play will lead to a good nights rest.

Wednesday, October 29

He knew she was coming...

Our social worker who comes to visit several times the first year you have a child home will pay a visit this Friday. In preparation for her visit Max has thought it best to keep this mama busy. While enjoying the beautiful fall weather in our backyard Max, has recently learned to climb up and use the slide, decided to take a little header. The result: A nice SHINER...just in time for Marge's visit- UGH!

Tuesday, October 28

Halloween Preparations

Preparations for Halloween began today. Jack and I decked out the front door during Max's non-nap (the little bugger). Jack chose a big sign for the front door and orange lights. In the afternoon, during another Max nap attempt (ugh) Morfar brought over pumpkins and the carving commenced. Jack had his mind set, this year: an Alien, on behalf of Max, mommy carved a friendly spider. Our house is ready for the Halloween festivities. Bring on the Spook.

Sunday, October 26

Our Weekend: Costco and Community

All week we waited with baited breath for the weekend to come. Two big happenings took place in our community and we got to be a part. Friday night the long awaited Covington Costco opened it's doors for the opening party. We of course HAD to go. ( I think it was a family requirement). The warehouse is great, it was packed with people and fantastic food and we got to meet a "big name" or two thanks to grandpa Jeff. Lots of our friends from church were there too. It will be so great (and a little dangerous) to have a Costco right down the street come the holiday season.

Saturday morning Jack and Jon set out early for some male bonding and good work in support of our community. For Make a Difference Day, our church Cedarcreek, thought it would be fun to bless the school we meet in with some garden spruce up. However, two garden loving people were put in charge....and pretty soon there was a landscape plan, a backhoe and a gazillon tons of river rock. The result a fantastic looking entrance to the school and so good old hardcore labor for the lyons men. Jack had a great time moving rock and Jon planted trees, moved rock and all around made a stud of himself. What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday. In the sunshine and giving back to our community.

Friday, October 24

On No..the BIG 30

Yup, that is right. The day came and went with just the right "jon approved amount" of hoopla. Thursday Jon turned thirty and we celebrated with a little family surprise party. Jon was presented with the "tacky birthday blazer", jack decorated the house and we flew in authentic, Giordanos deep dish pizza from Chicago. MMMM it was tasty. The family then presented Jon with gifts. The ideas was that every one would bring 30 of something that reminded them of Jon. There was much creativity and good gifts. * as Jack's bright red cheeks reveal....the kids had lots of fun*

Jack, Max and I are so blessed that Jon is "our daddy". He is such a great husband, loving father and a man of great integrity, loyalty and love. Thanks Jon for all that you do for our family. We are spoiled.

Wednesday, October 15

Two Month Update

It was two months ago today that Jon and I walked off the airplane with Max in our arms and returned home to live life as a family of four. What a blessing Max has been to our family. He brings such laughter and joy as he reminds us how exciting the most simple things in life (like a toilet paper roll) can be. He continues to be on track with his health and development. Here are just a few fast Max Facts:

- Loves to eat. Especially fruit and raw peppers
- He no longer walks...this boy RUNS
- He is CHATTY
- Loves to play with playdough
- Enjoys dancing and clapping with music
- Enjoys being outside with his big brother
- Gets goofy and laughy right before bed
- Has a great smile all the time...just not when a camera is around
- Enjoys looking at books
- Loves his little blue monkey & halloween pjs

Life with Max is busy, busy, busy....he is always on the go. Jack is beginning to take his big brother role in stride and enjoys Max 97 % of the time. What a delight it is to have him be part of our family. After two months it is as if he has always been here. We are a blessed bunch. To God be the glory.

Saturday, October 11

The Long Awaited Birthday Bash

So Saturday finally came we celebrated Jack's Birthday with a superhero themed bash. Lots of friends and family came, we played pin the bat on batman, we had an obstacle course to test superpowers and we bounced ourselves silly. Per Jack's request we dined on tacos, opened presents and then we ate cake. It was a great day, and we have one tuckered out and very happy 5 year old Jack.

Wednesday, October 8

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Today the boys and I set out with Jack's class for a trip to Thomasson Farms in Enumclaw. What a beautiful day it was and what a fantastic farm. There was a ton of stuff for all ages and the staff was so great. The sun was out, there was no mud, and the air was just the right autumn crisp. I was loving it.

We started our time in the corn box. A big sandbox filled with corn. The kids had such a great time rolling around and jumping in it.

Then it was on to the hay maze. Max was fearless and followed the big kids through the whole thing, even the tunnels.

Next we visited the petting zoo. Jack fell in love with the bunny and Max enjoyed staring at the burrow.

Finally we loaded onto the tractor wagon for a ride to the kids korral.

At the very end the boys visited the pumpkin patch and each brought a little sugar pumpkin home. The whole ride home Jack contemplated what he would make his pumpkin look like. So stay tuned for the big reveal.

AHHH. It doesn't get better than a crisp autumn day out. Thanks Jon, for working so hard and making the "big" bucks that I that I can spend my days like this.

Monday, October 6

Living Room Funiture? NAAAHHH

Many of you know that I have long petitioned for formal living room furniture. But alsas, now luck. However the wisdom and experience of motherhood thus far has morphed my desire for furniture to one that longs for an "interactive,healthy,fun, child containment/wear them out/keep them out of the kitchen while I make dinner" apparatus. And so, on Saturday morning A BOUNCE HOUSE arrived on our front porch thanks to Jon's parents Nan and Pop. Ohh,this was exciting. Jack kept saying " I can't believe I have my very own bounce house". While the kiddo thinks it was a gift for him...really it was a gift for me. So from the bottom of my heart: Thanks Jeff and Robin for giving in to my crazy little notion.

* shirt. what are you gonna do *

Friday, October 3

Superheros get SLIMED

The most devastating of all events (from a 5 year old perspective) has happened. Jack's much anticipated birthday bash has been postponed because his eye has been SLIMMED. That is right we have pink eye. We are calling it Slime Eye though because, well very simply, we are not girls...and pink just isn't cool. Slime is cool. Hence the gross photo. This afternoon we visited the doctor and he informed us that yes it is slime eye and canceling the party, while not fun, is the best thing to do. Jack was very upset by this but we reassured that next Saturday we would two weeks of birthday isn't bad.

In other news...MAX LOVES A MESS. While the child truly enjoys feeding himself I don't often let that happen. Why you might ask. Well because as the below photo indicates it gets a little messy. Mess is not just a food occurrence. Yesterday he spent a mere 2 minutes outside and this was the outcome. He was rolling in and throwing dirt with glee. It appears that a vat of spray and wash might not be enough.

Thursday, October 2

Are you kidding me !

This story is just to good/bad/unfortuantley embarressing to pass up.Today the boys and I ran some errands in the afternoon in preperation for Jack's birthday party. At our last stop, Fred Meyer, the unthinkable happen. Jack was waiting for me on the sidewalk with the cart, I was on the phone with someone I had been trying to reach and I was getting Max out of the car. I move from the car to the cart to strap Max in when I notice at the end of the cart two little white butt cheeks. I look more closely to see Jack is standing in the garden of Fred Meyer, with his pants down around his ankles peeing into the bush. "What are you doing" I yelled (you know, as to not draw attention to the situation) Pull up your pants" At this time the person I was talking to started laughing and said call me back. I hung up and Jack pulled up his pants. Here is how it went:

" What were you thinking?"
" I had to pee."
" Why didn't you just say..I have to go to the bathroom mom?"
" I didn't want to interrupt..I am working on that."
" Yes, but for pee you need to let me know."
" Okay..(long pause as we walk towards the store)
but I didn't let go of the cart. I did that the right way."
" Yes, yes you did. thanks for that."

Oh what a day.

Wednesday, October 1

These just in:

Finally, we have proof that Kendra and Travis threw a fantastic party/wedding. Here are the long awaited photos of the great looking couple and our family. Thanks again Travis and Kendra for all the fun.