Wednesday, June 27

Adoption Update: IT'S A BOY

Friends we are so excited to let you know that we have been given our referral. Yesterday at about 12:30 I recieved a phone call from our social worker. She informed us that we have been given a heatlthy and beautiful little boy. At the time I was in the car, driving with a friend, and was just absolutly overwhelmed. Four hours later I got a chance to see pictures, and like any mom I am happy to say "he is beautiful'. And so late into the night the name battle insued. We were awake into the wee hours of the morning and we are excited to let you know that after much thought, his name will be MAX ARMANDO LYONS. Please pray for us as we now trudge through some more paperwork and as we wait. Max is now in the care of his foster family. We are praying that they are good, loving and Godly people. We are so appreciative of their care. Due to safetly and to protect the process we cannot post pictures on the web, but if you email me we will send them to you! We will keep you posted!

Thursday, June 21

Happy Graduation Boys

A big congratuations to our cousins Robby and Gavin. They have "graduated" from preschool. We were so thrilled to be asked to attend their "ceremony". They performed 3 songs and then each student was called by name to walk across the front of the room, up and across stairs and accepted their "diplomas". Then, the real festivities began. What can be more fun or chaotic then 22 preschool students, all their adoring relatives and the whole Safeway bakery section. Frosting for all! Way to go boys! We are so proud of all your growth and accomplishments.

Beach Day

The sun was hot and the weather was beautiful so we hit the beach. We invited our new friend Sean and his mom to join us at Covenant Beach. Covenant Beach in Des Moines, is where I lived for 7 years. How incredibly surreal to be there as an adult, but more so as a mom. We had a picnic, Our superhero played in the rocks and we went crab hunting. Summer is so fun!

Friday, June 15

Megan's WILD Road Trip : Adoption Update

It has been a day. Today we set out to finalize our international dossier for the adoption. It was our hope that today it would be mailed to Michigan. When I set out this morning I knew that it would be a long day but I did not anticipate this:

8 am - Leave house to drop Jack at my parents house
9 am - Met Jon in Tacoma to have one final piece of paper notarized
9:30 am - Depart from Tacoma and Drive to Office #1 in Olympia
10:30 am - Arrive at office #1 and picked up paper work
11:00 am - Drive to office #2 in Olympia
11:20 am - Arrive at ofice #2
11:24 am- Hugely disappointed that one piece of paper is not valid.
11:40 am- Sit in my car with 15 pieces of valid paper and one lone paper with no state seal
11:41 am - CRIED about not being able to send off our paper work today
11:43 am - Called Jon to inform him of situation. Called our social worker to inform her.
11:45 am- Began the long journey home, disappointed and feeling deflated.
12:30 pm - Stop in Federal Way for a couple of errands
12:45 pm - Return to Car to find that I missed 4 calls from Jon
12: 50pm - Our stituation may be salvageable
12:55 pm - Call our social worker, YES! Our situation can be redeemed.
1:00 pm - Pull off of HWY 18 in Auburn for gas, bathroom and lunch
1:15 pm - Back on the road to Tacoma AGAIN
1:30 pm - Arrive in Tacoma and wait outside Jon's office for the needed item
Wait, wait, wait.Wait, wait, wait, Wait, wait, wait
more waiting , waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting
3:15 pm - Jon brings much needed paper
3:16 pm - I head back out on the road. 1-5 to Shoreline
4:22 pm -Arrive in shoreline at Bethany (our adoption agency)
4:23 pm - Meet with social worker, hand off paperwork, she takes it from here
4:35 pm - Stop at Starbucks, for refreshment
4:45 pm - Back onto 1-5 south homeward bound
6: 30 pm - Arrive at home.

What more is there to say? Not much. Only that we are thrilled to no longer have in our possession a huge stack of paper work. What is next you ask? We hope that our paperwork goes to Michigan next week, We hope that the week after, it is in Guatemala, and we hope that sometime between now and mid July we will be able to introduce via pictures the little one who will join our family. We will keep you posted! I am off to bed :)

Monday, June 11

Maple Valley Celebrity

Jack and his friend Luke felt like celebrities this last weekend when they rode in the Maple Valley Days parade aboard the Vine Maple Place train. There is nothing more thrilling for two first born, train loving boys then to sit aboard a train, have people look at you and wave. Despite the rain and cool temps, Jack loved it.

Adoption Update!

So this is a big week for us. Our international paperwork -dossier- is waiting for two documents before it is complete. Please pray that this paperwork happens quickly. We are hopeful that by the end of this week our paper work will be on its way to the head office in Michigan. A day after that, it will be in Guatemala. If all of this goes smoothly then we will hopefully have a picture and the name of our baby by the middle of July! We are crazy excited as continue to move forward in this process. We continue to covet your prayers: the process, the health of our baby, and now- for the foster parents that will care for our child over the next several months. We will keep you posted!

Wednesday, June 6

6:45 Wake Up Call

Hmm, what to do this morning? Let's see, it is 6:45am. I think I will go down, make some coffee and toast and sit and ponder deep thoughts. But wait...what is that I hear? Oh it is my precious child Jack. I hear him talking excitedly. I will go see what he is doing. As I make my way to our bedroom, I hear him sing out " look Mommy, a S". My coffee will have to wait, I have to go see the S that my genius child has drawn- he is so smart- I walk through the door to find that HOLY CRAP...( okay those where not my actual words) The S is about a foot long and is drawn with permanant black marker on my white bedroom carpet....Let's see, it is 6:46...instead of coffee and deep thoughts I am knee deep in scrubbing my carpet. We are off to a great start!

Tuesday, June 5

Cousin Fun in the Sun

Ahh, we have had some lovely weather lately. We actually hit 90 in June. We spent our lovely hot days having some serious water fun. We busted out the slip and slide and the pool. Jack is a pro when it comes to flying down slippery plastic and his cousins Robby and Gavin take pool fun to a whole new level. It is good to have cousins to play with some close.