Wednesday, December 30

Christmas Joy 2009

So I finally find myself with some time to sit down and attempt to capture the fun,joy and family times that was Christmas this year. This year we made a little shift in our "schedule of activiities" and the verdict is in, we liked it. Here is a very long day by day recap. Grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine or your diet coke. Settle in for the stories and a slide show.

[Christmas Eve]
It started early in the morning, I walked past Jack's room to head downstairs for my coffee when I herd him say "'s christmas eve morning " yup. He had caught on. This year Jack's excitement was in full swing and the kiddo was on overdrive all morning long, just longing for the day to pass so that we could get on with christmas. Around 2 we headed over to Jon's parents house and met his siblings, parents and grandparents for a prechristmas eve service dinner. We dinned on the lyons family traditional pizza and oyster stew and then we put the kids in their "handsome clothes" attempted a family picture and then it was off to the christmas eve service.

After the Christmas Eve service we gathered at my parents house with my siblings, jon's parents, and few old family friends for soup. One of my most favorite memories of growing up was that on Christmas Eve my parents would make lots of soup and invite lots of families from church over. Late into the night on Christmas Eve our little house would be packed with people. I loved it. It was good to be back at my parents house, enjoy some some and be with old friends.

Around 8:30 we headed home to put our kids in their christmas jammies and to set out cookies for Santa. Jack was totally into it. He wanted to leave Santa two cookies, a roll and an orange. We also had to set out apple juice because we were out of milk. But don't worry Jack left a note for Santa explaining the situation. After the kiddos were in bed Jon and I set to work bringing gifts out of hiding and preparing the living room. Then it was off to bed, we knew morning would be fast upon us.

[Christmas Day]

Okay, I admit, I was the first one awake. What can I say I love Christmas. The boys awoke shortly after and thus the day began. Photo infront of he tree then let's dive in. Jack was totally into it. All the gifts, his stocking, loving each and everything he got. Max was also into it. He loved his stocking, but struggled a bit when it was Jack's turn to open gifts. Max loves a present and could have unwrapped all day. Here are some bad photots of some of the well loved loot.

an autographed seattle sounders soccer ball

the new hasselbeck jersey and playing legos. classic jack christmas.

oogly googly machine from grandma shriley

a new bakugan of max's very own

awesome truck trailer and trucks from grandma shriley

After our family time at home we headed to my parents house for Christmas Breakfast and Gifts. As always my mom prepared a delicous spread. Then it was on to gifts. The boys were thrilled with theirs : Jack, Nerf Dart Tag and Max, a new radio flyer trike. Jon and I certainly appreciated all the fun stocking stuffers and Way to go Kendra and Travis. They had our names for the gift and gave us a great Italian cookbook and a tour book of Italy...perfect for us as we have begun planning and saving for a hiking tour of Italy with friends in September 2011.

After breakfast,gifts and some playing with the cousins it was off to the Lyons for more christmas. When we arrived Max was a sleep so we put him in bed, let Maddison and Jack open gifts and the adults then did the long awaited much anticipated Stocking exchange. This year I scored as Jeff, the patriarch of stockings drew my name and gifted to me. I recieved the most enormous stocking ever...filled with all kinds of great stuff including some excellent wine tools and books and I continue to persue my love of good wine. Jack loved the new lego set that Nan and Pop go him as well, he is the envy of all his little friends. After gifts we set out to devour the finger foods that everyone had brought. Tasty as always. Then we played some brain games and called it a night.
It was a good day. Made great by the fact that we get to be with both of our families. So there it is. All the Joy and Chaos that was the Lyons Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22

Snowflake Lane

It has become a tradition for Jack, myself and my Mom to head up to a local event called Snowflake Lane. A local shopping center has a nightly music show that takes place on the sidewalk and involves "snow" that falls from the top of buildings. It lasts only about 15 minutes but is great fun and well done. Saturday night was the night. We donned our rain coats and headed out. Our plan was to have "good" dinner at a restaurant but after we heard "the wait is 2 hours" at four different places we gave in and settled for dinner at McDonalds. Jack was thrilled, mom a little bummed.
After our meal we took our places on sidewalk and enjoyed the show. After the street show we headed to crate and barrel so that Jack could chose this years ornament. The winner... a nutcracker wielding a sword- duh. To call the evening a night we headed back to the golden arches for hot fudge sundaes. Yeah for Snowflake Lane fun.

Tuesday, December 15

Urgent Care | Mom's Turn

Sunday I noticed that my thumb was tender due to a little split near my thumb nail, Monday I noticed that my thumb and my hand felt warm and throbed. Tuesday I awoke to my whole arm throbing and my thumb and hand swollen, tight and extrememly sensitive. So I paid a little visit to urgent care. Here is what my update email to Jon read tuesday afternoon :
Just got home.It was a whack fest.
Here is a recap of the morning.

A couple of shots…me passing out … the doctor having his way with the scalpel on my thumb….A massive bandage… 4 prescriptions….recommendations for splint and a sling……

The pain was legit…and so was my visit. The results are in = Nasty Staph infection.

Good times.

:> the wounded wife.
So there it is. Yeah staph. It appears I will be on antibiotics for the next 12 days,
It is recommended that I wear the bandage and a sling (to help with the pain) for the next 4 days....and then we should be good with topical cream and band aids till complete healing in 10 days.

Good thing the wrapping is done.

Sunday, December 13

Jingle Bell Run in Bellingham

On Friday the boys, my mom, and my friend Shelly and her son Jonathan all loaded into my parents car and headed north to Bellingham. We had been invited to participate in the Jingle Bell Run to support my cousin Jocelyn and the raise money for the arthritis foundation. We had a great time, great fun on the walk/run and are so appreciative to Kendra for letting us invade her space for the weekend. Here is a little photo look at all the fun.

FRIDAY NIGHT: Fun times at Kamp Kendra. Exploring, Playing, Movies for kiddos and beverages for mommys. And really does it get better than sleeping in sleeping bags on aero bed....jack says no.

The boys had a great time playing Indiana Jones in Auntie Kendra's "Cave" basement.

In jammies and ready for a christmas movie.

Shelly and I are set for the night.

My rocking sister who so genrously opened her home...oh and thanks to her husband Travis too, who let us invade.

SATURDAY MORNING: The air was cold but not too bad. The kids did great participting in the 2 mile walk and Kendra and I got do the 4 mile run. After the event we went to Jocelyn and Eriks house for soup. It was a great morning.

Jack and Mom sporting their walk/run numbers and Max sporting his unamusement that he would not be allowed to be out of the stroller.* our funky scarves showed that we were on Jocelyns support team. Yeah "part of the cure".

Adorning the shoes with bells.

Shelly and Jonathan all set to go.

Mom all bundled up and ready to walk with the kiddos- Thanks Mom.

There was a great turn out for the event. We are somewhere in that mass of people.

Kendra and her dog meet up after the run.

Thursday, December 10

This should be interesting

On Friday , Jack, Max, myself, my mom, my friend Shelly and her son Jonathan are headed up to Bellingham. While we are excited to spend the night at "Kamp Kendra" and be entertained by my sister and her husband the real purpose is to participate in the Jingle Bell run. Kendra and I will run, the rest will walk. This sounded great a month ago when we all signed up but due to the recent weather...well it shoud be interesting. Check out the forecast for Saturday:

Did you see that would be super fun. (sarcasim)

Wednesday, December 9


This last weekend we had our friends the Garnes Family join us for the evening. Doug brought all the fixings for fantastic homemade pizza. Yum. After everyone was fed it was time to bundle up (ridiculous ear flap hats and all) and hit the road. We made our way down to our favorite zoo for ZooLights. The whole zoo is wrapped in lights.It was a beautiful frigid walk around the zoo and then we ended the evening with some good, super rich hot chocolate. Family Christmas Outing #1- Checked off the list.

* Look at that Doug, after 6 years, your family finally made the blog*