Saturday, May 19

We have POOP!

Now this may sound a little strange and we apologize if we offend, but we have some news that is so exciting that we just had to share it. Many of you know that Jack has been toilet trained for sometime now when it comes to pee. That, he has down. Pooping on the toilet has been a whole other issue. We have did not work..we progress...we have bribed with the best of them. We cursed, laughed, cried and prayed. For the longest time..nothing. Then Just last week, light broke though, a new day dawned and happend. Typical to Lyons' personality genes, actual "on-the-toilet-pooping-under-his-own-power-and-will" occured on Jacks own timetable. This miracle of all miracles happen while we were at a friends house.(he is a perfomer) It happen just matter of factly. We danced. We screamed. We called dad to share the news. Jon and I then waited with baited breath. Would it happen again? To encourage a repeat performance Jack awoke the next morning with a gift from the "poop fairy" waiting for him. His very own light-up spiderman shoes. SIDENOTE: The "fairy" experiences love via shoes and therefore shows her love via shoes :) The fairy's gift promped performance after performance and we are thrilled to say that here on day number 10, Jack is a pooping pro! LIFE IS GOOD!