Wednesday, June 6

6:45 Wake Up Call

Hmm, what to do this morning? Let's see, it is 6:45am. I think I will go down, make some coffee and toast and sit and ponder deep thoughts. But wait...what is that I hear? Oh it is my precious child Jack. I hear him talking excitedly. I will go see what he is doing. As I make my way to our bedroom, I hear him sing out " look Mommy, a S". My coffee will have to wait, I have to go see the S that my genius child has drawn- he is so smart- I walk through the door to find that HOLY CRAP...( okay those where not my actual words) The S is about a foot long and is drawn with permanant black marker on my white bedroom carpet....Let's see, it is 6:46...instead of coffee and deep thoughts I am knee deep in scrubbing my carpet. We are off to a great start!