Wednesday, August 1

Bremerton Bonanza

6:15 this morning, my head began to spin as i heard that the weather was to be in the high 80's. What is a mother and child to do on a day like this to stay cool.
Drumroll please.........
10:15 we are boarding a ferry headed to Bremerton for the day. I did not now how long we would be able to entertain ourselves, I had not been for years and had no clue what we could do there...but wow what a day we had. The ferry ride was fantastic. Beautiful, warm and WINDY. Jack, in his current state of obsession with all things pirate, was so pleased to be on a boat and he spent most of his time looking for approachig pirates. We disembarked our vessel and set out to find a park. In no time we were swinging and climbing. Soon the sun became to warm and we headed just a few feet down to a rocky beach to go crab hunting. We were very successful. Just as we were running out of rocks to turn our stomachs began to rumble and we set out to find lunch. We found lunch at the local Taco Del Mar in the middle of the Bremerton "boardwalk". We played by the fountain and enjoyed watching other ferrys come in. We then set out to wander in seach of ice cream when screams and laughter caught our ear. Much to our surprise we stumbled into the most amazing public water park for kids. Despite not coming ready to swim, Jack ditched the shirt and jumped in. What a way to spend the day. After this we were toast...we headed back to the ferry and headed home. Well almost home. In Seattle we got stuck on a narrow oneway street waiting for the worlds longest and slowest train. After 35 minutes we finally pulled a u-turn and headed out to find a new way home. Ahhhhhh! It was a beautiful day. Fun times!