Thursday, August 23

Pirate Shenanigans

AHOY! This post is long over due since this event took place a couple of weeks ago. However I was very much at a loss for words as to how to explain what took place in front of my very eyes. On Saturday morning a small ad off to the side of the morning paper caught my eye. "Annual Puget Sound Pirate Festival". What the heck?, was my first response. However, because I am the proud mommy of an almost four year old boy I continued to read. After gaining details I set out with Jack and our friend Samuel ( an experienced pirate). We headed up north to Everret to the marina. We got out of our car to find a parking lot and boardwalk littered with FULL GROWN ADULTS DRESSED HEAD TO TOE IN AUTHENTIC PIRATE COSTUMES. What? are you kidding me. I could not keep from laughing. The boys were in absolute awe! They loved it. I put my snickering aside and we proceeded to play all manner of pirate games. Then on the hour, every hour we watched the fight circle. Here the pirates would work out their "grievance" with one another with elaborate fighting. Swords clanging, pirate jeering jargen... it was intense. Sam and Jack loved the action and at one point both boys were screaming and shouting "FIGHT!!!!". As I reflect on this experience I find that it easily falls into that category.."now that I am a mom". Before I had a child I would have never noticed an event like thanks the miracle that is motherhood not only does my "mom-dar" draw my attention to this but I find that at the age of 27 I am wearing an eye patch, making swords out of duct tape and cardboard and standing by "real" pirates shouting "ARGGGGG!" Ahh..motherhood, opening my eyes to all sorts of things.