Saturday, September 8

Adoption Update | Guatemala Election Prayers

First off, let me say that the rains from Hurricane Felix did not prove as devestating as invisioned. This is a huge praise. What does loom in Guatemala though is it's presidential and congressional elections held tomorrow (Sept. 9th). We would ask you to join us in praying for the elections. Changes in the government, while much needed, could interrupt, prolong or derail the adoption process.
Our prayer is that Guatemala would elect a leadership that desires to end corruption, crack down on the prevelant crime and violence and would step in and end the errupting drug trafficing. With these items under control better attention to poverty can be given. We also pray that favor will continue to be given to families wishing to adopt. If you find time today and tomorro please be mindful of Guatemala and say a little prayer. Thanks so much for your partnership in this journey.