Wednesday, September 12

First Day of Preschool

Today was an exciting day. Jack began attending New Life Christian Preschool in Maple Valley. I was so excited to be going to "real school". We woke early, ate a hardy breakfast and then proceeded to the front porch for first day pictures ( we took serious ones and funny ones). When we arrived at school we saw his friend Luke in the parking lot and that made school immediately fun. His teacher is Ms. Shannon. She is warm and welcoming and Jack had no qualms about being there. The kids were told to bring their favorite teddy bear for this big day (what a brilliant plan) and parents were encouraged to stay for the first part. We enjoyed circle time, painting time, outdoor play and snacks..then parents were kicked out. I then joined other moms from the class in the waiting room (they had it loaded with snacks and coffee- big smile) we all chatted, got to know one another and took turns peering into the classroom window and giving reports. At 11:30 the door open and out popped all of our kiddos. Bears, crafts and smiles. It was a great day. Jack is already asking if he can go to school tomorrow! Ohh yeah..that craft he is proudly showing is his three-eyed bear he promptly named "chicken bottom" , this kind of nonsense must be from jon's side of the family.