Saturday, December 1

The Christmas Tree Hunt

We have had a long standing date on the calendar. On December 1st we would set out to find this year's Christmas tree. We awoke this morning, filled some prior commitments, ate lunch and began to get dressed for our annual stroll through the tree farm. Just as we are tying our boots we look out the window to see small white flakes fall from the sky. While they were large..they were sporadic. By the time we were on the rode they had somewhat subsided (such is "seattle snow"). When we arrived at the tree farm though a mere 15 minutes later the snow was much heavier and was falling fast. A nice crisp wind had also joined the picture. But let us not be detoured. We proceeded to walk up and down every row..jack stopping along the way to suggest that the smallest trees could easily fit in the truck. Finally, we found our tree. A little more narrow than we are use to...but snow is a great motivator. We chopped down the tree carried it back to the car and then....noticed that the roads were covered in snow. We made it safely home warmed up with some hot chocolate and TONS of marshmallow and will now set out to beautify our tree. It was a terrific and picturesque day for a tree hunt. ( Beauty is there may or may not be a picture that follows)