Wednesday, December 19

What a difference "MommyHood" makes.

Today I sat with some other preschool moms waiting for the class party to begin. As we chatted the topic quickly turned to Christmas presents past and present. We each shared our most treasured childhood present and we each shared what we would most love to find under the tree this year. It was funny, as each mom shared what we would like most there was a collective sigh and nodding that happen around the table. By the list it is easy to see that motherhood changes us...even in the area of gifts.

Past Favorites
- doll
- doll house
- roller skates
- locket,
- a box of 64 color crayons

Present Wishes

- a carpet cleaning machine
- matching bra and underwear (this recieved a collective amen)
- a quiet afternoon to read
- a mini van (okay, I will admit this was mine)
- a date night with no call from the babysitter

Who knows what Santa will bring this year. But for the preschool mommies and myself there certainly has been a shift when it comes to Christmas lists.