Tuesday, February 19

Beautiful Bellingham

Auntie Kendra lives in a beautiful place: Bellingham. Since Monday was a holiday and she had the day off Jack, Mommy and Mormor set off on yet another roadtrip. We left early in the morning and were up in Bellingham at 10:30. Auntie Kendra and Travis had chosen a wonderful park for us to go play at. The whole drive to the park Kendra raved about this place...with much anticipation and waiting to be wowed we drove into the park. It far exceeded our expectations. This mommy agrees-this is the coolest park. It looked like an amazing tree fort. Ropes and walls to climb, castles to explore and a huge tunnel slide. This great park was hidden in lovely trees and had a fantastic creek that ran right by. It was great. After time at the park we set out to have lunch at a delicious sandwhich shop and tour Kendra's new condo. After this we said good buy to Travis (we so enjoyed hanging out with him). Kendra then took us to her favorite Bellingham store: Deals Only. This is a wild,crazy and little bit trashy outlet store that lived up to all they hype. Super cool deals were to be had. You can imagine how excited Mormor was. As you can imagine after all this time and all this adventure we were toast and we headed back home. We had such a great day. Beautiul weather, lovely location and fun times with family.