Saturday, February 23

A Big Weekend

This weekend held a lot of entertainment for everyone in our family. Grab a beverage and settle in because there is a lot to share. Here are some of the highlights.

PACIFIC SCIENCE CENTER : On Friday we ventured out with our cousins Robby and Gavin, our Auntie Heather and Mormor for a day at the Pacific Science Center. With so many activities and so many great things to do there we found ourselves there for several hours. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

SALISH LODGE : On Friday evening Jon and I were able to enjoy a Christmas gift from his parents, a stay at the Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls. We arrived early Friday evening and ate a wonderful meal overlooking the falls. Then we had a massage (delightful and spectacular says the girl who LOVES massages). Then on Saturday morning we enjoyed a 2 hour long luxourious breakfast in the beautiful dinning room. We capped off our stay with a walk to the falls. What a way to spend the weekend. Thanks Jeff and Robin. Thanks Ken and Nadine for watching Jack.

FIRST GOLF OUTING : Saturday evening was beautiful and so we decided to breakout Jack's golf clubs and take him to the driving range for the first time. The boys were kind enough to let mom come along to document this historic boy bonding moment. Jack loved being there with his dad and he had a great time hitting the balls with all his different clubs. Daddy showed of his skills. Quiet impressive. It was good to be in the fresh air and keeping our bodies active. Hello signs of spring. Yippee.