Saturday, April 19

Dinner : Jack Style

Jack enjoys watching Jon or I cook. And with his growing Independence he has been asking if he can make his meals. We have started slowly with things like cereal or toast. This week though Jack wanted to make a whole meal and so I succumbed to kitchen chaos and made his "dreams" come true. He did all of the tasks that did not include heat. First he decided what we would have : "Fried" Chicken, Corn and Peppers and Biscuits with Jam. I sent him around the kitchen to collect all ingredians. Watching him haul the costco bag of frozen corn in from the garage freezer was quiet amusing. Jack chopped the peepers with great delight and precision. He prepared the fried chicken with all the panache of Emeril himself.(our floor could attest to that) Finally since Jack tends to be unconventional we had square biscuits instead of round. He found great delight and much pride in his end result. For Jack it was a great night, for mom, I am thinking that this could be the start of a beautiful thing.