Thursday, April 10

Yippppeeeee....The wait is over!

If only the post title had something to do with our adoption. But alas it does not.. Finishing a very close second though (and in this whole stupid crazy waiting game known as adoption we have had to shift gears and hope for smaller more tangible goals then a child that we love being placed in our home before he is 10 | says the mommy sarcastically :)....our long, drawn out and painful wait for fantastic televising to return to Thursday nights is over.

Tonight THE OFFICE returns in all of it's glory to NBC at 9:00 tonight. At our home the half an hour leading up to The Office is a hustle and bustle with getting all of our chores, emails, and nightly tasks done. Come 9:00 a hush falls over our room. Jon and I sit in our respective places in complete silence. As soon as the show starts our room erupts with laughter and tears of hysteria fall from our eyes. During this half my lovely husband finds all the joy and laughter that will then carry him through the next week. Watching Jon watch The Office is like watching a little boy at a baseball game. He is full of awe and smiles. Oh..Thursday is a good night.