Thursday, May 22

Grandma Shirley Gets the Prize

It has been five months since the Christmas Chaos came and went. Many of the gifts that Jack "loved" in the those early days have found their way to the bottom of the toy box, under the bed, or to the back of the closet. However one gift keeps on giving and getting a fantastic response every time. What gift is it? Who was the gift giving genius?......the winner is Grandma Shirley (Jon's grandma). She gave Jack a subscription to the magazine My Big Backyard. It is a magazine filled with pictures and activities about animals found in the backyard and around the world. Today we received a new magazine (Tigers were on the cover) and there was a shriek from the backseat when I announced that "it came". Shortly after we walked in the house Jack had settled in with his mag and his popcorn. So hat's off to you Grandma Shirley. You get the prize. Way to go on a stellar gift. We Love You!