Tuesday, May 6

Monday Messiness = Machines?

At our house Mondays tend to be "stay home days". The house is cleaned, laundry done and Jack can lounge about in his PJ's and do his thing far longer than other days. Eventually though on a Monday Jack and I head up stairs to clean his room. Call me a mean mommy but I don't let the kiddo just sit and watch. He has to choose a task and I do another. This Monday though when we walked into his room Jack had an idea.

"Mom, I have an idea. You can get stated cleaning my room. I am going to get dad's hammer, 7 screws and a piece of wood."

" No pal, we don't need any tools, please come and clean up"

" Mom, I just need those tools so that I can build a machine. I am going to build a clean up machine. Then it can clean my room and I can sit on my bed and read a book. Reading a better than cleaning, right?"

" You are right Jack, it is more fun to read than clean but today, we don't have the tools or materials needed to make a machine. We are just going to use our God given machine..."

" God gave us machines???? (shocked)"

" Yup, they are called HANDS."

" Awe mom..."