Sunday, June 15

HAPPY FATHERS DAY - We love you.

What a joy it is for me to be married to Jon and to be his partner in parenting and life. Today in honor of him and his stellar daddy skills we ate old fashioned doughnuts for breakfast, attend worship, and took a hike to enjoy the great outdoors.
* * *
We enjoyed the sun with our friends the Woods family. Paul Woods knows every crazy trail in the area (and believes in bigfoot- he he) and so we trusted him to lead us deep into the woods and down to the river. It was great hike. When we got to the river, we sat for picnic lunch amongst the river rocks. The river was very high today so we made Jack wear his lifejacket, and the kids could only play in a shallow gathering of water.But have no fear they were not at a loss as to what to do. They spent their whole time building dams and throwing rocks. It was a beautiful to spend a sunny sunday.