Tuesday, July 15

Classic Jack

When Jack came out of Sunday school this week he had in his hand two crowns made out of tag board. One was elaborately decorated with sequins, glitter and GLOBS of glue. The other had mere coloring on it and the letters MAX. I praised Jack for his efforts and asked about Sunday school. " Later Mom, later" . So jump to later that evening. We sat on the front porch eating popsicles and taking about our day. We talked about Sunday school and like any good mom I asked probing questions trying to get the most accurate account of the lesson. The crowns indicated that it was about royalty:eventually I learned it was about Esther and her enabling the Jews to worship the One True God. After Jack and I had re-capped the story accurately I inquired as to why he had made two crowns. The response was classic Jack.

Jack: "Mom, one for me and one for Max"
Mom: "Oh, that is great,you guys can play kings"
Jack: "No, Max will be the king, and I will be the one true God."

Oh, so close....and yet so far away. It appears that Jack has big plans for Max, and apparently for his own self appointed holy self.