Wednesday, July 2

Max's Room

Last week we began painting over the teal and teal room that sits at the top of our stairs in anticipation of Max. I have had a plan and color scheme since December, but did not want to paint it or get it ready till we we were out of PGN. My parents came last thursday and knocked the majority of it out in one night. I spent a couple of days touching up and painting trim. Then yesterday thanks to my friend Nicole we set up the crib. Setting the crib was quiet a task. We were missing a few pieces but that did not detour us. We threw our small children into the van and ventured to the home depot. Then we came home, put the children in the back yard with chicken nuggets and ice cream sandwhiches. (occassionally checking on them of course) A mere 2 hours later the crib was done. It feels great to have the room complete and ready for Max. Now all we need is a kiddo!