Saturday, July 5

Spectacular Fourth of July

Our family enjoyed a leisurely day with friends in celebration of the fourth of July.We joined our friends the Garnes family for a casual bbq, walk and pyro-technic fun.Doug and Karen live in beautiful North Bend.The kids: Dillon, Paige and Jack always have a great time together and are never at a loss for entertainment. The grown ups always enjoy good conversation, good wine and good food. After our dinner we took a walk at a near bylake.(more a tactic to settle the kids down...they were just so amped for fireworks)The lake and scenery were beautiful and kids, despite cool temps, hopped right infully clothed. When the darkness came Jack thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks. He continually applauded and kept saying "this is just so great" & " I love ourcountry". Funny Kid.

Jack and Mom lounging on the hammock...this is the life.

Dillon, Paige and Jack eating dinner in "the fort"

Awe, Sparkler fun. Do sparklers ever get old?