Wednesday, September 24

We have a SUPERHERO situation

I am sure that on previous posts I have shared how I loathe character make things worse we now have full on superhero costumes...not for one boy, but for BOTH. Now I know what you are thinking. Yes, I am the mom, I control what comes in and comes out...but this opportunity for brother bonding could not be passed by. Jack was set on being Spiderman for Halloween and for his superhero birthday party. Then he had the great idea that Max should be Superman. We found this little costume and since then Max and Jack have had many afternoons of fun since. Come 4pm each day, the outfits are on and there is all kinds of shenanigans. We even taught Max to lift his arms above his head when we say up, up and away.
** For those of you who so lovingly ask about max, yes he does in fact smile. A LOT. Just not when he sees a camera. Go figure.