Monday, September 8

Weekend Update

Our family is busy having fun and living life. Therefore when it comes to blog posts Weekend updates are the best this mama can do.

Friday - Our weekend started off with Jack getting to meet his new preschool teacher Mrs. Lisa. She is so great. I have a feeling that Jack is going to love her. She is all about preparing Jack for Kindergarten. He is so excited to start school.

Saturday- We were so thrilled to have our good friends the Springs come to town to meet Max and to hang with us for the day. It was great to see the kids have fun together and to catch up with my friend Jen. Thanks Jen, Brad and Shayne for making the trek north.

Sunday- We took took a little family outing to Lake Wilderness. There Jack enjoyed the sunshine, sand and lake while Max practiced his newest trick: walking. Yup that is right we have ourselves a walker. My wrangling job just got a little harder.