Monday, September 15

You want me to do WHAT?

It appears that Max and I will be taking our Mother/Son bonding to a whole new level.

Max had his one month post placement visit today with the fantastic people at The Center for Adoption Medicine at the University of Washington. During our whole process they provided us with medical help/advice/etc. regarding Max. Now we begin a series of appointments where they just document his progress and adjustment and provide us with support should we need it. Our appointment today was great. Our doctor is fantastic. He greeted us warmly and was genuinely excited for us that Max was finally home. He examined Max and confirmed what we had suspected...we got spoiled. He is in great health. On track developmentally, physically and socially. After all the good news , the doctor then dropped the bomb...."just to be safe, let's collect stool samples and run some tests to confirm that there are no parasites or infections that we don't know about" ...WHAT!?! Yes my friends that is right. For the next week, after every diaper you can find me scraping, dumping, shaking and placing little viles, then in bags, then on my counter. UGGGHHH! This is taking the mother/son relationship to a whole new level. Don't worry I will keep you posted, all the great details of this new mommy adventure- hee hee.