Thursday, October 30

Falls and Foliage

This mornings we ventured to one of our favorite spots Snoqualmie Falls. The drive to the falls is so beautiful with all the changing leaves this time of years. Jack was so excited to show Max the falls. He told me all morning " They don't have snoqualmie falls in Guatemala".Of course when we got to the falls Max had fallen asleep. (he has four teeth coming in and the nights have been a little rough) But have no fear our friends Becca and Annabelle came along with us and so they set out with Jack to play. When Max woke up we went for a walk around the falls. Later we visited a local park and the kids played hard. To finish up our afternoon we had lunch at our favorite taco bar. It was a fantastic "Halloween Eve-Day". Hopefully all our hard play will lead to a good nights rest.