Monday, February 16

The things people say.

Occasionally our family, our shall I say myself when I am with Max, will get some uneducated comments. 99% off the population seems to understand the idea of adoption and openly embrace it (or at least don't speak if they don't). Every now and then though someone who really doesn't have their thinking cap all the way screwed on will speak. At the urging of other adoptive parents and my own nature I always find their comments hysterical. Here was today's:

Max and I were shopping at Ross looking for a birthday gift.
In the toy section I was continually telling Max no, as the kid climbs and touches everything, and he had gotten a little fed up with me. He then turns to stomp away and as he does he trips and falls. He picks himself up and cries. I walk towards him, but he continues to walk away crying. I say to him as I am looking around the store (for more gift options) "it's okay honey, it's okay sweety" Then a woman new on the scene says to me when she notices Max crying " Oh, did he loose his mommy" as she proceeds to look around, I am assuming for a not so white lady. I quietly say to her. "No, I am his mommy. He is just a little mad. He will be fine." Her face then shone the typical blend of embarrassment and surprise. I picked up Max and we continued to shop. Ahh, other peoples comments. Always good for a laugh.