Saturday, March 28

You took your children where?

Jon and I work hard to instill cultural and life experiences into our boys. We don't want to find ourselves 10 years from now having settled for only ordinary days at home. We want to make sure that we take every opportunity to expose our boys to different activities, hobbies and ways of living...thus...our activity today. (well not really. I could claim noble motherly reasons but was cheap entertainment on a rainy Saturday so we went )

Today we were spectators at the Seattle Lunacy Robotics Tournament. Yes, I said robots. High school robotic teams (who knew the had them) from all over the west coast and Florida (random) built huge ball grabbing, ball throwing robots and then played a robot version of dodge ball with them to win the opportunity to go to nationals. After reading about it in the paper and thinking about how much Jack loves machines, robots, making things that do work for him...and the fact that our family could use a little family day we hopped in the car, got some lunch, and went to the key arena for robot fun. Jon and I had no idea what to expect. It was a huge deal. Tons of students, parents and onlookers filled the arena, the robots were super cool, and we got to sit nice and close so the kids could see. During breaks there were Robot team mascots who would dance on the "field" to great dance music. I truly was taken aback by how much fun I had. Oh these boys of mine, continue to propel me into areas of life that I didn't even know i am just dreading when Jack will appear at the side of my bed at the crack of dawn demanding that we make our own robot! * Excuse the camera phone pictures, we had no idea that it would be photo op worthy.*