Saturday, May 30

A Fabulous Friday

On Friday in honor of my mom's birthday we ventured to a local nursery for some retail therepy and then some lunching. We took Max along and left Jack and Morfar to do a much need construction project. Max loved the nursery, all the plants, and the fact that we let him wander. He had a great time. At the end of our day all were sufficently hot (due to crazy hot weather), happy and tired. It was a great way to spend a Friday. Thanks mom for all the fun.

While Mom and I shopped, Jack and Morfar contructed a much needed gate at their house. The fence is needed because Max is fast..and quiet. This way we are guarenteed to keep Max in the backyard. Jack did a great job assisting Morfar in the project and then got to paint it. He felt like such a big kid.