Wednesday, July 29

"Cool" Cabin in the Woods

With the weather here being in the 100's we have been seeking alternative locations to spend our day other than our house. Today we were lucky enough to be invited to our friend becca's cabin - in the woods - right along the river - enough said. We were there. As we pulled out of Maple Valley at 11:00 this morning the car temp read 93....when we pulled into the wooded respit of Becca's cabin the car temp said 82, ahh sweet relief. We enjoyed a day of playing in the woods, mom's relaxing on the porch and then cooling off in the river. Jack was fearless when it came to the river and would ride with any adult who would take him. Max even enjoyed the tube once. The river was frigid...but oh so refreshing. What a great day. Thanks Becca for once again opening your cabin.

As fantastic as our day was...all the cool of the river wore off as we pulled into our drive way were the car temp read as follows:

Yes, my friends that reads 106...IN FLIPPIN' Washington...I don't think so.