Tuesday, July 21

Stay-cation Day One | The Zoo

Jon is on vacation this week and we decided to stick around from some local fun. Monday we set out to enjoy a family favorite with a few new added attractions : THE ZOO. The weather was beautiful so it was a great day to walk leisurly around the zoo. There is a new exhibit that Jack was totally psyched about...Camel Rides. With very little coaksing Jack hopped aboard a camel for a little jaunt around. He did a great job.

Next is was off to visit the Bidgies. Beautiful and Bright colored birds that flew all about. If you patiently held out a little feed stick they would land and snack right in front of you.

After a long hot day of zoo-ing it was off to the playground portion where they have a sprinkler park. The boys cooled off and Max truly enjoyed himself.

Then back into the car...and 15 minutes into the drive...boys were asleep.
The oh so thrilled mom and dad who know that an early bedtime will take place tonight. Yippee. (Jack loves to man the camera)

Ahh, day one of stay-cation a success. Tomorrow : Bowling Mania.