Wednesday, September 30

Birthday Part 2 | Gift Debackal

Shortly after Jon got home last night we had the birthday dinner : Subway sandwhiches. Jack of course could not focus on eating, he had spotted the big gift and desperatly wanted to get to the business of opening gifts. Who can blame him, he is 6. We moved into the living room and opened the first gift, from Max, a great starwars puzzle with a Yoda figure. Big hit. Then game the great big box. Even as I set it down in front of him heard a familiar shake inside and got excited at the idea of legos. He tore open that paper to reveal a huge set of Agent Legos. Yeah! So excited. We quickly put Max to bed and then gathered back in the living room to open and asssemble the set. (* Jon and I were so excited about Jack's gift. If you don't already know legos are super spendy. The box Jack is displaying is an $80 set....i found it though on the clearance table at Fred Meyer though a couple of weeks ago for only $20.00 - Awesome Find)

Here is where the gift went south. We opened the box and dumped it onto the floor to find a pile of "crap" spill out. A miscillancious collection of kenx, an old cordless phone battary, some garbage and a mere 15 legos. Shocked does not begin to describe how I felt. What?!?! Someone obviously purchased the set, took out the goods, filled the box with crap, sealed it, and then returned it. UGH, the nerve.

Obviously Jack was devestated, as you can see by the blurry picture of a sobbing Jack, attempting to be consoled by Jon. I was furious. I snapped a few pics for "proof", threw the items back into the box , grabbed the recipt and my kiddo and we went to the store. Pronto!

We returned it no problem, but as we walked to the toy section I had to explain to Jack that we could not replace the set with a similar sized box (that was just out of the birthday budget) and he would have to choose a smaller set, for the same amount of money. Jack understood and did a great job carefully thinking about what he wanted. We returned home with a lego Indiana Jones set. Jack was happy, Jon and I got a good laugh..and we learned you best open a box of "good deal legos" before you buy.