Tuesday, September 15

First Day of School | Yeah Jack

Well today was the big day. The day we have awaited. Jack began all day kindergarten at the school just down from our house. There was much nervousness over the last several days as we talked about the big day but Jack rocked it. This morning he awoke, came downstairs fully clothed, backpack on and said " who wants to feed a kindergatner...I am ready to eat". He had great enthusiasm this morning and as we walked to school he handled his nerves like a champ. We walked into the school and gathered with all the other K students in the gym. Then after all the students arrived they lined up by class, waved to all the parents and headed out the door. With a little look of trepidation Jack followed the line, but there were no tears. I only got slightly misty after he was out the door. I am so excited to pick him up and to hear all about his day. We will keep you posted.